I'm really feeling it!

Hello TAY and welcome to the weekend!

Datacide is out for a long vacation so I shall host you this weekend. Poor choice of host? Possibly. BUT IT'S TOO LATE NOW!


Seeing as this was part of my seven day work week, I spent rather little time gaming at the beginning of the week. In fact I pretty much spent it on Club Nintendo redeeming my coins and downloading games. Got Earthbound once Nintendo decided to restock, The Mysterious Murasame Castle for my Platinum tier award, and a few other games including HarmoKnight.

It's a rather simple music rhythm game where your main character Tempo is tasked with delivering a legendary staff, which looks like an eighth note, to some legendary music warrior or something. To be honest I kinda forgot the plot, but the character's names are those bad puns! I mean c'mon, Lyra and her weapon is a lyre that she uses as a bow? You're not even trying Game Freak!


But the game is damn cute though. The main character Tempo is just a loveable rascal and the overworld is really reminiscent of Super Mario World for me which is always a plus. Also, you collect these things to progress the game or something:


The guy pictured at the top of the post is your main hero Tempo. Tempo auto runs left to right and you just jump and attack for him to the rhythm and that's pretty much the gameplay in a nutshell. Not groundbreaking, but solid enough to be entertaining.


Besides that though, I discovered Pokemon Shuffle and haaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it cause I'm enjoying it so much. It's a great time waster while watching shows or you need a few minutes to kill but just as I'm getting into the match 3 groove I run out of hearts and gotta wait 30 MINUTES FOR ONE HEART.Each Pokemon battle takes me maybe a minute and a half to three minutes and having to wait 30 minutes in between sessions is just killer. But hey, that's the freemium kinda gaming world we live in today.

Besides that I got a few matches of Smash in against Pika (shakes fists) and started to work my way through Shadow of the Colossus again, but this time in HD!


Not gonna lie, it's been kinda rough getting reaccustomed to it. But once I got to actually sit and play with it for a few hours instead of fifteen minutes, I realized why I enjoyed this game and world so much. It's beauty lies in it's bleakness and solitude and as you are riding farther and farther to get to the next colossus you are given a lot of time to take in the scenery and mull over your actions and how "righteous" they are. I think it's Romantic (not kissy kissy romantic but sublime Romantic) in a way but maybe I'm way off and it's something else.

Hopefully this long weekend off means more Shadow and some game time with friends in between waiting for my hearts to refill in Pokemon Shuffle.

Oh, and a new TAY Game Challenge too...

So TAY, watcha playin'?

(Excuse the formatting. Cause Kinja.)

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