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TAY! WEEKEND!!! Whatcha Playing?

Almost the end of summer, I can’t believe how quickly it has gone. A great summer of gaming for me and mine with one of the most exciting gaming autumn/winters ahead. All I heard all week from Xander was “When are they going to let us know about Disney Infinity on the PS4 and Xbox One?” It is my condition before we buy it to see what consoles Disney Infinity is coming on prior to investing in yet another toy collecting game.

I played a little bit of a few games this past week.

I had another single and brief session of Tomb Raider with my wife. The shanty town is turning out to be a bit of a collector’s nightmare. I’ve moved on to the next section, but I’ll be interest in seeing what my percentage is when I finish the area. Still loving it, still hating the save system. Just make me go back to the campfire to save the game...it would avoid the confusion when loading.


I started Star Trek this week with my buddy online. It is the newest game based from the latest movie which I have yet to see. I know it is a separate storyline though. We bought it on the very cheap during the Steam Summer Sale. I was expecting fairly horrible given the Metacritic reviews in the 40s. Seems at least the PC version had bad reviews for broken co-op, which certainly isn’t a problem in the version we are playing. It is a very by-the-numbers cover based shooter and certainly has some bugs and lack of polish. However, at least for our first 4-hour session, it has been a lot of fun. You could certainly do a lot better, but had they polished it up and maybe balanced it a bit better, I think it would have been a fairly cool game. But it really does need some polish…

I also played some Minecraft on iOS with my wife and Xander. He’s been dying to play it with us. I think he mainly finds it cool that we can play co-op on our local network with our three separate iOS devices. It actually does work pretty well on iOS. I wish the iOS version was a lot more like the 360 version though. Having completely solid ground is no fun. I always loved breaking into caverns and caves and mining while enjoying the really beautiful terrain that Minecraft can generate. I know it is still “alpha” on iOS, but considering how long it has been out and how much money it has generated on the platform, it would be nice to have it start being more comparable to the console cousin. Maybe the old iOS devices are holding it back? This has been my wife’s first time actually playing it though and I am always amazed how people are easily sucked in to Minecraft.


Finally I played more Legend of Grimrock this week. I think I am almost done. I am actually ready for it to be over, but it has done an excellent job of staying exciting and interesting the whole time. Devilish puzzles to be sure. I came across another puzzle that ended up in me looking up the solution online. It was another puzzle that needed you to get in the devs heads to see the solution, which often you can’t do. This has often been my problem with pure adventure game puzzles. Often there is no complete logic to the solution or the clues and riddles around the puzzle are too vague to really help. Regardless, I highly recommend the game for puzzle lovers. I’ll hopefully have the game wrapped up this weekend so I can move back to something where I can shoot things. Thanks Google "Auto Awesome" in Google+ for the instant/automatic .gifs of my screenshots.


So, whatcha playing this weekend?

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