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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Great to be back with the 3rd Street Saints!

Wow, hectic week. Not a lot of time for gaming but what time I had was mostly great...mostly.


I finally finished off Dead Space 3 with my buddy. So glad that is over.

It is a crying shame about Dead Space 3. It does really do an excellent job with the addition of co-op to the gameplay. Sure, we've moved to more of an action game from a horror game, but I’m ok with that since another Dead Space game in the vein of the first two games might just be redundant at this point. There are some excellent co-op elements to the game that I would love to see ripped off in other games. One was a locking mechanism puzzle game that had both players moving to points on a maze but you could not move through each other. The other thing I really want to see more of was the idea of the hallucinations. I have never played a game with a friend that had us seeing different things in the same areas like I did in Dead Space 3. This is almost worth playing the game for...almost.

About halfway through the game it immediately switches gears in design into what feels very much like an exercise in padding a game by cutting and pasting all the experiences and environments. Even the final area of the game, which does actually have some amazing looking visuals, suffers from a very repeated set of experiences followed up with one of the most uninspired final bosses I've played in a long while. It is really striking how much the game suddenly feels like someone said “Ok, make this game twice as long” just as the developers maybe were looking to wind the whole thing up. I don’t know what happened with the game development, but they really should have cared a lot more about the final product. They could have ended up with a great co-op franchise that maybe would have gone on to have many sequels. Instead, they made a mess of a game they were trying to bring to a broader audience. This likely ended up alienating the fans of the original horror formula and l am sure that it didn't make any inroads with the “new” audience because the game just falls flat.

I can’t really recommend the game unless you want a passable co-op experience, but as taste vary widely, I would at least like to throw up a warning flag to those who haven’t played it yet and have other choices for games.


With Dead Space 3 dead and buried, we were able to move on to our Steam Autumn Sale purchase of Saint’s Row 4.


Wow, what an opener and set up for a story! I hope we are in for a real treat. I loved Saint’s Row 3 and played it co-op with the same friend, so we are already grooving on the game. We've just obtained our superpowers and have had loads of fun collecting the Data Clusters. I’m amazed how much the gameplay has changed with the inclusion of these abilities. I really wish I didn't spend any money upgrading my car as it doesn't seem like I’ll ever want to drive again.


Looks great, handles well, and is as batshit-crazy so far as the last game, so hopefully it will keep up being fun.


(thanks internet for a rapidly shrinking pool of low resolution inFamous 2 gameplay screenshots)

I also had a bit of time for some more inFamous 2 this week. It is a little weird now playing two games that are basically superhero simulators. I think I’m in the third act now, though it is hard to say. I’m loving it though, simply fantastic gameplay. I can understand the complaints about the cut-and-dry moral system being too simplistic and this is something I would like to see expanded on in the PS4 game. I would like to sympathize more with Nix and I thought parts of her plans were great ideas, but if I want to stay on the good path, I just have to shut her out. I don’t feel very “good” not listening to Nix in some instances, especially since she goes through all the trouble about explaining how rough her life was and how she ended up the way she is.


Oh well, I’m just nitpicking at what is otherwise a superbly polished game. I’m looking forward to more inFamous 2 this weekend if I can swing it.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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