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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Gross Edition

I've been washing bed sheets, mattress protectors, duvets and duvet covers for the past eight hours. While I love our new washing machine, which is a top-loading HE machine, I can now see some of the downside of having it take longer than a traditional machine when you have a lot of stuff to wash in a short period of time.


My son has been sick for the past several days and we've kept him home from school to not spread the misery, but I now fear he has the flu. Puking started today. So you'd think my common sense would win out over my compassion to make him comfortable and that I would have NOT let him sleep in my bed. Alas, as I was dozing beside him listening to the last of King's Dark Tower audiobooks...Xander decides to puke copious amounts of half digested Kraft Dinner (Kraft Mac and Cheese to my American cousins...Cheesey Macaroni to my U.K. pals) in my bed. All over my bed. It was like some horrible mockery of a broken fire hydrant. All I can say is YAY for the mattress protector. I don't know how you would begin to get vomit out of a memory foam mattress.

Yeah, so that's what happened tonight and I've been up with him almost all night for the past several nights. Not a lot of gaming for me this week. It is 7am right now and he is still up beside me since 2am, watching iCarly on his iPhone since I need my screen to write this. I'll hit the hay when my wife gets up but my sleep schedule is terribly broken now.

We did however manage to finish our Rayman: Origins game. My son was feverish and pissed off that I wouldn't play something new on PC with him until we finished Origins. I was actually using our sticky Rayman game as a way to put him off playing so he would remain calm and not run the risk of more technicolour yawns. However, he really wanted to play and said he felt well enough. He ended up powering through it and grabbed the level finishing save himself.

So, we've moved on to Lego: Lord Of The Rings.


I've never played a Lego game for more than about a single level in Lego Star Wars, Batman, and Indiana Jones. Not that there was anything wrong with them, I just wanted to save them for when I could play them co-op with someone. I snagged Lego: Lord Of The Rings on the cheap via Steam and so far it has been pretty good. I've heard it isn't quite as funny as the other Lego games since it has lifted the audio and dialogue directly from the movies, but I've had a couple chuckles here and there. One problem I have with the game is the massive amounts of breakables and thus collectibles in the game. It really slows the pacing down quite a bit when you are smashing everything you come across.


Collectible compulsions aside, it seems like a perfect game for me and my son to play together.

Other than tonight the only other gaming I did last week was on Tuesday night with my friend on our game night. We had a blast playing Saint's Row 4. It is so wacky and moves around so quickly that it just screams pure fun. Sure, the superpowers might have unbalanced the world slightly, but it is hard not to smile when you are kicking all the ass there is to kick. I'm looking forward to my next game night with my friend so I can get back to all the craziness.


So, are you all knee-deep in holiday shopping or do you have time to play this weekend? If so, what are you playing?


(edit: I hope the screenshots aren't too dark. They'll look better if you are viewing them expanded if you are able. I don't have the energy to go back and take more shots in brighter areas. Plus, high five to the new Kinja editor...it actually works now!)

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