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Crysis 3 Makes Me Sad

This time of year is so busy that my gaming always seems to take a back seat to all the birthday preparations, guests visiting, and housework. I always feel out of sorts when my gaming schedule is messed with. I didn't play a lot this week with Xander still ill up until Monday and the end of school before the holiday break on Thursday. We did send some awesome cupcakes to his class for their party they had on the last day. (we didn't make them, someone we know did)


I was finally able finish off inFAMOUS 2 last week.

Simply an amazing game, though I'm not sure it was as good for me as the first game. It has been a long time since I played the first game however and I might not be able to separate out the memories of how blown away I was with the groundbreaking visuals and performance of the first game versus the actual gameplay. I do prefer a superhero origin story and slow progression to gaining powers, so that was definitely a plus for the first game.


The ending of inFAMOUS 2 was slightly disappointing and felt a little rushed together. I didn't get a satisfying end to the storyline with the main baddie (Joseph Bertrand III) and fighting two final bosses that were recycled from earlier in the game was a little bit of a let down, but this doesn't take away from the overall awesomeness of the game. If you have a PS3 and haven't played the inFAMOUS series, you really are missing out and if you don't have a PS3, this is certainly a series worthy of a hardware purchase.


Jumping from one superhero game to another, I also found time Thursday night to play my Saint's Row 4 game with my buddy. I'm really loving how they've taken the same city and turned the gameplay on its head. The rate at which you can move around the game and how well the engine keeps up with all the speed and action is extremely impressive. I'm sure Deep Silver must be very happy with the purchase of the Saint's Row franchise and access to this engine. If you don't have the game and it happens to show up on the Steam Sale this week, do yourself a favour and pick it up.


Having finished up inFAMOUS 2, I was good to start another game. I was seriously considering Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen or The Witcher to change gears to an RPG, but I couldn't ignore the call of Crysis 3 that I bought not long ago for $9 on Orign.

I am a huge fan of the other Crysis games and the original Far Cry. What I've played so far of Crysis 3, which isn't very much, seems like it is exactly what I wanted, but the game makes me sad.


Crysis 3 is the first game that I am unable to play at 1080p at an good framerate on Very High (better known as Ultra for most games). My biggest gripe is that I can't seem to get an acceptable level of anti-aliasing without severe impacts to the framerate. I know I am a little spoiled usually having 16x or 32x anti-aliasing applied to my games, but I can barely get 2x applied to Crysis 3 without framerate loss. Even the vaseline smear of FXAA doesn't cut it. That combined with the inability to run all the features full out on Very High just makes for some sad times and more fiddling with settings than I've had to deal with in a long time. I was very impressed however with Nvidia's GeForce Experience system with their new drivers. I've never used it because I generally know what I want and have had the power to suit my preferences. However, with Crysis 3, I was quite impressed with how close Nvidia's Experience was to my own settings that I worked out and I was surprised at a couple suggestions that did indeed give me some better performance at little cost visually. I think very soon the last hurdles of PC gaming will be eliminated for the masses and then we really will have a PC vs Console War to worry about.


It is a sad day for PC gamers when their current dream machine meets a game that kicks its ass and leaves the PC laying in in the dust.

So, it is the last weekend to shop for those that celebrate Christmas and a busy time of year for most people whether you partake of the Jesus-party or not. Anybody have time for gaming? If so, what are you playing?

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