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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

So Long Saints Row IV, And Thanks For All The Kitch.

My buddy and I finished Saints Row IV this week. It was an incredible ride full of varied content, great controls, and humour that kept me laughing the whole way along. I can't recommend the game enough.


I'm sad it is over, I wasn't the least bit tired of playing it and we put in over 30 hours. There is some DLC that I'll likely visit at a later date, but it will be hard to top Saints Row 4 for a co-op experience. We are going to have a crack at Demigod before moving on to Borderlands 2, but I'll really miss my Rectifier Probe.

I had a chance to play another 6 hours of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and I'm actually enjoying myself now. The change in class from the mage added a lot to the combat and I'm enjoying the challenging battles with the wide variety of creatures.

The game is far from perfect though. The inventory system is messy and there are way too many items for my liking. Thankfully, at least so far, it seems that much like the TES games I can ignore the crafting/alchemy and haven't had much cause to use any of the healing or other buffing items. Unfortunately I need to store tons of the pickups since you never know what is needed for upgrading weapons and armour.


The game really could have benefited from horses as well. I applaud the lack of unlimited fast travel and prefer the town portal spells. However, since the world doesn't actually end up being completely open, you have to trudge through lots of familiar (and lets face it, somewhat uninspired) terrain. You can't run very far or fast, at least at my current 27th level, and regular walking speed is fairly slow. I didn't use the horses in Oblivion and Skyrim but I would pay dearly for one in Dragon's Dogma.


The past couple nights have been spent playing "Reinstall Windows". I think I have a dying hard drive, though I haven't been able to nail down the specific issue. I'm hoping I'll get that all worked out tonight so I can play The Elder Scrolls Online beta this weekend. It will be my first foray in to the game and I am expecting to thoroughly hate it as I do every MMO I try, but I'm happy to look at it while I don't have to pay for it.

So, what are you playing this weekend? Anyone else hitting the ESO beta?

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