March Break!

Well, March Break for my son which is March Break for my family. My wife has the next week off from work and we are going to fight the crowds and visit the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto as well as other "local" attractions.

However, the most exciting part of March Break came last night when my son received his promised Super Mario 3D World for good behaviour at school from January to March Break.

So far it has been a lot of fun. We blew through almost two worlds last night and plan for more tonight. The game design works infinitely better in Super Mario 3D World and so far has been a great experience compared to the terribly frustrating experience that was New Super Mario Bros U. I would hope going forward that Nintendo keeps the Super Mario 3D World gameplay for the multiplayer Mario games and maybe keeps the New Super Mario Bros model for the handhelds and single player.


My son also picked up a Disney Infinity Wii U starter pack at Costco for the crazy price of $29.99 so he is excited for that as well. He loves creating things in Minecraft on the 360 so hopefully the ToyBox in Disney Infinity will be to his liking.

As for me, last week was rather quiet for gaming. Seems like if there was an appointment for something, I had it last week.


I did manage to get a little of The Elder Scrolls Online beta in last weekend at my friends place and a little more last Sunday when I came home. It seemed like there were incremental improvements and general performance was up from last time. I was getting an average of 50fps this time when running the game full-out on my 3 year old PC. There are still lots of issues to be squashed and many of the bugged quests from last time were still bugged this time. However, I can't deny that it was a heck of a lot of fun and if it was running this weekend, that's where I would be. Hopefully the next beta will show further improvements. I'm on the fence about buying in for the full release, but they are slowly getting their hooks into me.


Other than The Elder Scrolls Online last weekend, the only gaming I did last week was my Tuesday night game night with my friend. We continued our Borderlands 2 game and I'm so happy that the environments have become more interesting and the difficulty has become more challenging. The change in environments has really sparked my interest the most. The snow and ice wastelands were getting extremely dull considering my real world is also a snow and ice wasteland just outside my door.

We had a great session with the game last time and I'm looking forward to trying to sneak in some Borderlands 2 over the March Break if I can.


I also grabbed some second-hand Lips mics yesterday for $10 a piece to try out some wireless mics in Rockband 3 since the whole family is off this week. They seem to work pretty well for Rockband from the little System of a Down testing I did yesterday. It has been a little while since I've done any singing and it is amazing how quickly you get out of practice.

The most exciting gaming news (for me) was that Harmonix sent my Chroma alpha key last night. I've loved pretty much everything Harmonix has done (except for Blitz) and I'm very excited to see what they are cooking up for a first person shooter.


Anyone else on March Break this coming week and have big gaming plans? If not, what are you playing this weekend?