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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Down With The Sickness

Ugh! My kid is sick yet again. Between him and my wife I think one of them has been sick since Christmas. I haven't be immune to it either, but enough is enough.


This meant that I didn't have a chance for a lot of gaming this week since I've been up at all hours while Xander has been miserable. We tried playing some Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary together at 4:30am yesterday but then he felt that he was going to yak and we had to flee my game room in hopes of spoiling someplace else in the house less sacred.

I did manage a few sessions of Shadow Warrior this week and unbelievably the game just keeps getting better the more I play it. The gameplay is so slick and the swordplay is so immensely satisfying. The level design is also extremely clever for what is essentially a very linear level progression. All the level secrets are exploration based and I haven't been so compulsive about finding all the hidden bonuses in a game for a very long time. I'm amazed that I don't find them all either, there are obviously more nooks and crannies in the levels than I am finding.

Definitely the best game I've played so far this year.


I also played my weekly game session with my buddy and our Borderlands 2 game is progressing nicely. There sure is a lot of game in there! (though more isn't always better)

We ran into a few bugged quests in our last session that were impossible to complete and that's always disappointing, though the overall level of polish in the game is actually pretty high.


I'm still generally enjoying myself, though perhaps I am reaching my saturation point with the game. Thankfully the difficulty is scaling well, though still too far on the easy side to be really satisfying. However, it is the lack of penalty for death that I think lowers my enjoyment in this series. If it were up to me I would take a segment of the experience bar away for dying and two away if you have to respawn.

I still didn't get to my Chroma alpha this week, it was a no-brainer to devote my sparse free-time to Shadow Warrior. Hopefully I'll be able to polish off Shadow Warrior this weekend or next week so I can devote some time to Chroma.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

Oh, and in case you were humming the song:

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