Borderlands 2 Is The White Bread Of Games.

(yeah, that's a Claptrap cake, not bread...I was stunned that I could not find a picture of a Claptrap bread machine. Why is that not a thing...I would buy one!)

Not much in the way of gaming this week for me. My wife, who usually works from home, had some in-office training this week which totally messed up my sleep schedule and had me walking Xander to and from school since we only have one car.

I did manage a couple hour long sessions of Shadow Warrior and I'm still very much in love. Aside from the kickass gameplay, I'm enjoying the story. The writing is quite funny and the voice acting is actually better than most games. They've captured the 90's shooters (non)sensibilities and tweaked them to fit a modern audience. Flying Wild Hog (the devs) should be tapped to make the next Duke Nukem game, I think they would really understand how to bring the character and game forward to today.


Other than that the only other thing I played and finally finished was Borderlands 2.

I leave Borderland 2 with the exact feelings I had leaving the first game: I don't want to play any more of that, it was a competent game that didn't inspire or amaze me, and I hope they do something different for the sequel (which they really didn't do at all for Borderlands 2).


It has such a generic feeling to the whole experience and I was frankly amazed how much the whole game really just felt like giant DLC for the first game. Hopefully the newly announced third game will utilize new hardware features and they'll be able to provide me with some locations in the game that are actually exciting. I think 95% of the locations in Borderlands 2 are just so bland and lifeless. They actually have some nice artwork and design to the levels, but the lack of colours and similarity from level to level really wears on the eyes.

Had it not been for the great gunplay and interesting enemies, I would have disliked the experience. However, since gameplay is really the heart of a game, I found the whole experience...ok. Ask me about the game in a month and I'll likely not be able to recall anything about it. It is like white bread. Sometimes great, sometimes boring, generally uninspired but gets the job done.

My friend was suggesting I jump in to The Elder Scrolls Online with him next, but I think I want to let that ferment some more and I really don't have the time right now to justify a subscription. Instead, I think we are going to start Rathorial's recommended game of Orcs Must Die 2 next week.


Hopefully I'll be able to get some more Shadow Warrior this weekend after I assemble two wood-like plastic Muskoka/Adirondack chairs at some point. I went to 5 Guys today (diet be damned) after not being there for like 5 months...hopefully that high will get me through the assembly.

So, what are you playing this weekend?