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No Play Edition

We had a good chunk of the interior of our house painted this week which resulted in way more prep work than I was expecting. Now that the painting is done, I have to put everything back where it was and look for new outlet plates and switch covers to complement the paint colour. We also need new light fixtures in the kitchen which we've been meaning to replace since we moved in to this house 5 years ago.


So as a result of this and me fighting off yet another cold (year of hell for colds), Datacide played a total of one game of FTL this week. That's it...nothing more. Not even a game of Threes on my iPhone. Even my buddy I play Civ via email was busy this week, so there weren't even Civ turns to play. One game of FTL...sad week indeed.

It was an awesome game of FTL though. I almost beat the final boss on easy and would have had I known the first fight with the boss wasn't the last. I left my boarding party on the boss ship when it jumped and that screwed up my whole gameplan. Thanks to whomever it was on TAY a long while ago that told me about the wonders of boarding parties, it will be my go-to strategy to have a boarding party now.

So that's it. I hope to get some time for The Elder Scrolls Online and Killzone 3 this weekend, but it isn't looking good. My wife has a wonderful game of "let's go look at all the light fixtures in the world!" planned for me.


I hope everyone is playing awesome games and that someone is playing TimeShift for me in spirit. I waited for years for that to go on sale under $10 on Steam and it finally did this weekend. I don't know if it still holds up, but I had a blast with the game on the 360.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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