Yay! June Is Here! Bring On Summer!

A great week for gaming and family. We went to Canada's Wonderland yesterday for the first time this season. The weather was great and it wasn't horrendously busy except for the newest ride.

The new attraction is Wonder Mountain's Guardian. It is the latest evolution of the "4D" ride/movie experience but with a great gaming twist. Part 3D movie, part rollercoaster, and most parts video game; Wonder Mountain's Guardian gives a whole new meaning to the term "rail shooter". You are riding on a rollercoaster, though during most of the game it really ends up being more of a train than a rollercoaster. You are equipped with 3D glasses and a gun that shoots coloured shots (on-screen) that are unique to the player so you know where you are shooting.

The ride starts as a standard rollercoaster with a small hill into a cave but then the cart you are riding transforms so that people are facing the walls while the coaster continues to move forward. You are driven past extremely large 3D video displays that are running what can only be called a dumbed-down, old-fashioned light-gun game with a modern graphics engine. You even get your own score at the end.


However, it is actually much lamer that I make it sound. The 1.5 hour wait was met with about 2 minutes of ride time and the rollercoaster moves by the video displays at a fairly rapid pace so you don't really feel like you are accomplishing much in the game, but the overall effect is quite cool. The game part of the ride takes place in the pitch dark, other than the light from the screens, and the massive displays give a fairly convincing feeling of being deep in a dungeon surrounded by baddies.

I don't know that I would go out of my way to ride it again unless the line is really short, but I was extremely pleased to see the hobby I obsess about being used in such a creative way for the general public.


We also hit the arcade at Canada's Wonderland where we played with the coolest moving arcade cabinet I've seen in a long while. The cockpit is suspended off the ground on a large arm that can move and shake the player like no cabinet I have used before. The game running was some awful looking Initial D game, but the motion of the cabinet was amazing. I was hit from behind at one point by another car and I thought the whole cabinet was coming apart. Poor Xander was barely tall enough to touch the pedals.

I had a great schedule last week that allowed for a nice chunk of The Elder Scrolls Online and we hit a brand new area called Rivenspire. It is nice to have some higher level enemies to fight and higher level loot to discover. The whole area is much more desolate than our last area. It should be loads of fun to explore...I love a good depressing landscape.


I also grabbed Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition and Injustice: Gods Among Us on Steam last week for dirt cheap. I only meant to dabble with Mortal Kombat to see how it ran and ended up playing almost a half an hour or more of the story mode. It is amazing how many of the moves I remembered as I haven't really played a whole lot of Mortal Kombat since MKII on the SNES. I was all set to go and install the software needed to run my PS3 controller on my PC (as I can't imagine anyone would play that game with a 360 d-pad) and then Microsoft comes out this week announcing the XB1 controller support for PC. Looks like I know what I am buying this weekend.


I finally had a chance to get back to Killzone 3 and my Sharpshooter this past week. I know I say this often, but it is so much fun to play the game with a Sharpshooter. I'm also always amazed with the polycount and visual fidelity when I boot up Killzone 3 on the ol' PS3. It might be one of the most visually impressive games on the system.

Top that all off with Xander and me reaching the last chapter of Halo: Anniversary in splitscreen co-op and it was a grand week in gaming for me. Hopefully some more Kombat and ESO this weekend if I can shake the sore throat that cropped up this morning. I was beginning to wonder where my next cold was, it was running late. (*sigh*)

So, what are you playing this weekend?