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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Dancing On The Ceiling!

Well, that's what I felt like doing after Harmonix announced Dance Central Spotlight at E3 for the Xbox One. This was far and away the most exciting announcement for me of the entire show, though, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris was a distant second.

I've likely mentioned my love for Dance Central before, it is how I get my exercise. Don't let the trailers fool you, on medium and hard difficulties the "game" is a pretty intense workout. After a dozen songs I am generally dripping with sweat and completely out of breath. I'm certainly not in the best shape, but I am in way better shape than I've been for at least a decade since getting Dance Central.


I've always had problems with exercise. I have a treadmill, I've joined gyms, I've tried tons of fitness DVDs and internet videos. I've also tried so many interactive fitness programs/games over the years, but nothing ever seemed to get the exercise+fun formula right for me (hell, I even bought Nickelodeon Fit in hopes of getting a better/different workout from my Wii balance board).

Then along comes Dance Central. It was actually my gaming buddy and his wife who were the first of us to buy a 360 Kinect and Dance Central. He raved about it, but after so many disappointments and since the Kinect had just come out and was unproven, I sort of dismissed it. I even tried the game a couple times at his place, but Dance Central is far better enjoyed once you've been able to spend a good amount of time with it and then you can crank up the difficulty.

So one year for our wedding anniversary, these friends bought us a Kinect and Dance Central. After that, I just never looked back. So much fun and so much exercise; I finally found something that really worked for me. I look forward to dancing and I really miss it when I can't do my daily Dance Central workout. I know a lot of people who exercise (especially running) get that addiction from exercise and I'm glad Dance Central gives that fix for what my body is jonesing for now.

So you can imagine that the sudden appearance of a new Dance Central on a new Microsoft machine with a new Kinect is very exciting for me. I had planned on getting both an Xbox One and PS4 at some point when the number of games I wanted to play on them grew a bit more, but now we are planning to get the Xbox One my son has been unrealistically asking for for his unbirthday. We don't celebrate Christmas and my son's birthday is Dec 28 so we have an unbirthday for the end of June as an excuse to make up lost X-Mas presents. We've been saving our reward points on a credit card for a good while now and I'll be able to knock off half the price of an Xbox One; plus come off as the most awesome parent AND I'll just happen to have a Xbox One in the family room when Dance Central Spotlight comes out. The best gifts are self-serving ones (kidding).

I was of course sick all week and didn't get to dance but I did play around with my new Xbox One controller that I bought on Amazon. I ordered it pretty much as soon as Microsoft released the drivers for PC.

I LOVE it. It is so great in my hands, everything is awesomely clicky, and the d-pad is to die for.


I've been giving the new controller a workout on Mortal Kombat on the PC. It works SO much better than the 360 controller, since on the 360 controller the d-pad pretty much isn't an option to use. I had to dip the story mode down to easy (at least beginner is below that) since this match in the story mode was kicking my ass. I should put the difficulty back up though since the matches past that point are way too easy. There is too much of a discrepancy between easy and medium. I know my reflexes are getting old and I haven't played a fighting game in a good long time...but I feel bad playing on easy.


Of course I played some more of The Elder Scrolls Online this week though with being sick, I didn't actually play that much. We are still on the hunt for some vampires to bite and infect us. I could actually now pay for another player to bite me, I've seen bites going for a 1000 gold, but it feels like cheating to pay for it.


I didn't have a chance for more Killzone 3 with the Sharpshooter, but Uncle Owen is keeping the Sharpshooter handy for me.


I've also been listening to the new Die Antwood album, Donker Mag, all week since I grabbed that when I ordered the Xbox One controller. Fantastic...I love it all. (video NSFW)

So hopefully now that my cold is winding down I'll find some time for Mortal Kombat and Killzone 3 this weekend.


What are you playing this weekend?

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