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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Steam Sale, Steam Sale, Steam Sale…this is going to be my obsession for the next while I guess. I certainly don't need anymore games, but when they are $2-$5 each it seems more wrong not to buy them.


So far I've been good, but we aren't even 48 hours in. I grabbed State of Decay on Thursday for $5 since Snak-thedogenthusiast was saying last week that he was having so much fun with it and that it was scaring him during the nighttime portions.

Friday I grabbed Sang-Froid - Tales Of Werewolves (recommended by Rathorial), Enslaved - Odyssey to the West (recommended by pocoGRANDES) and Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (recommended by Shiryu). All three of those games came to a whopping $10. I love being a part of TAY to get good recommendations from people you know and having a good history of what other games they enjoy as a reference point.

I finished Killzone 3 with the Sharpshooter last week. It was pretty awesome. The story is typical space marine fare with better than average voice acting and the level design/progress is fairly linear. The gameplay would also be mediocre with very standard shooter combat and moderately stupid AI, but the Sharpshooter turned the whole questionable affair into a grand experience. It is the gun game I've always yearned for with full exploration and great shooting mechanics. I'm very excited to try out more Sharpshooter titles in the future. If you have a PS3 and don't have a Move or Sharpshooter keep an eye on them retail. I'm sure sooner than later they will bottom right out as companies like Wal-Mart want to unload their inventory of PS3 peripherals; you'll likely be able to get it all for a steal at the right moment. I highly recommend the Sharpshooter with Killzone 3 and keep watch on this column for other Sharpshooter recommendations in the future. (thanks for the Killzone 3/Sharpshooter recommendation Poco!)


With Killzone 3 completed, I needed another single player experience. I had so many choices but I wanted something brawler-like as that seemed to be the itch of the moment. I also figured I should be knocking out some of my 360 backlog. Starting at the beginning of the alphabet I see Afro Samurai, still in shrink wrap, on my shelf. That's a brawler of sorts from what little I remember reading about it. So, I did a quick check to make sure it was never released on PC (I generally prefer to play on PC if I have the option) and lacking a PC option I jumped right in.


Wow! That's surprisingly fun so far. With shades of Ninja Gaiden and Prince of Persia it will likely satisfy my needs for now. I could see it getting rather repetitive and the camera needs a little work, but the gameplay seems great from the single mission I've played so far. Also, the voicework and music are spectacular. I know this is based off the TV show of the same name (which I've never seen) and that many of the voice actors from the series also lent their voice to the game. However, people like Morgan Sheppard are in the game and I don't think they were in the mini-series (according to IMDB). It really does feel like games are elevated to another level when such talented people are used to voice them.

Supposedly the music is mostly "inspired" from the TV show and it is SO good. I can't wait to watch the mini-series if people are saying the show has even better music. (damn Canadian Netflix doesn't have the show on their service to watch).


Other than Afro Samurai, it was a couple nights of The Elder Scrolls Online to round out the week. I've been playing around with several mods for the game to great success. There are ones to automate most of my boring banking, ones that make my crafting easier, ones that let me write notes on the map, and ones that let me customize the UI. There is a great community of mods already and it is so nice to be able to drop mods in to the game so easily.


The best mod so far is the one that lets me remove the in-game fog and allows me to see so much further. This is seen in the pics above, but you can go here for more examples if you are interested. This is a HUGE improvement and one that I hope makes it into the standard options for the game. It really feels so much more like Oblivion and Skyrim when I can see for much greater distances. This mod also has other features and I'm currently trying to nail down a good setting for the shaders.


Hopefully I'll have some ESO and Afro Samurai time this weekend. I was thinking about trying out some of the free weekend with Titanfall on Origin, but the 50GB download seems a little extreme for something I don't really have time for at the moment.

So, what are you playing this weekend or what did you buy already on the Steam Summer sale?

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