Game Of Setup


I'm in the midst of still setting up our new Xbox One and new printer. Doing both on one day, hours before I should have gone to bed was a bad idea.

We bought our Xbox One today for my son's combination good report card/unbirthday present and in lieu of an unbirthday party. He doesn't have a party at his actual birthday since he was born a couple days after Christmas and no one ever seems to be available for birthday parties during that week from Christmas to New Year's Day.

So, he was super pumped and should have a great time Saturday with the new Xbox One if I get it setup before I pass out.


I'm a little pissed I have to go back to Best Buy tomorrow as they were offering Tomb Raider:DE with every Xbox One Kinect bundle, but on opening there is no digital code/card for the game inside the box. I even asked the woman who checked us out at Best Buy if the voucher for Tomb Raider was in the box since the packaging only said that the bundle included Forza 5. So, back to Best Buy I go. I do have to say that I LOVE the QR code redemption you can do with the Kinect. My Forza 5 code input involved walking a card up to the Kinect and that was it.

The Xbox One has been a mixed bag on setup. Initially I was ready to throw it in the garbage.

I have a VERY LONG network password, which is my own doing but I feel more secure with it in place. Normally it is never an issue anyway as you can email it or cut and paste it. Consoles become an issue since I have no way to get the password to the console and I have to enter it manually. This is more of a pain than a problem as I can often make a mistake along the way.


The Xbox One was its own special hell here though. It failed during an update as it said it lost connection. My end was fine, maybe there was a blip with Xbox Live as my wife and son stayed connected the whole time on their iPads to Youtube. I decided to hit the "diagnose connection" option and it decided to clear my password I had entered. Ok...that's dumb, but whatever, I'll enter it again. Then it fails to connect again and brings me back to the part where I can click and clear my password yet again. thanks! Wait, there is no "back" from this part, I have to clear and re-enter my password again? Screw that noise! So I just ended up yanking the power cord from the machine (crossing my fingers I wouldn't brick it during an update) and it was fine on reboot. Bad, bad Microsoft, that's even worse than the 360 network setup. And really, what the hell?! It is 2014 and we have this nice little thing call WPS on wireless devices now. They really should be using that for joining consoles to networks.

After that the rest of the nightmare was entirely on me. I have an old 5.1 speaker system in the family room where the Xbox One is and I need a S/PDIF connection to the system. Thankfully the Xbox One has this connection, but I spent a good hour unable to get sound. I was hunting through forums, looking at support pages, searching Youtube; you know the drill. Turns out I knocked out the cable pushing the Xbox One back in to the entertainment unit. You'd think after all these years setting up electronics that I would think to check the cables first. At least the elation of the problem being solved overshadows the burning feeling of stupidness.


Overall I'm quite excited with the machine. I haven't played anything on it, but voice controlling my TV is awesome. "Xbox watch CNN" makes me feel all Star Trek-like. I was surprised how painlessly and automatically the Xbox One setup to the cable box.

My printer is another story. It is a Canon MG7120. Stay away if you are looking for a new printer. I have an old Canon MP620 that works amazingly, but we wanted a printer with AirPrint and The Shopping Channel had them for really cheap. Stupid thing says it is connected to my network but the router doesn't show it at all, even though it says it succeeds in connecting through WPS. It is the same setup as my MP620 which has no problems and researching the new printer's issues was like stepping on a hornets nest. There is a lot of hate out there for this printer. I'll likely end up sending it back after I speak to Canon support (which apparently isn't a good idea to do anyhow). I'd love to hear from anyone with a good inkjet recommendation that does great photo quality and AirPrint.


I didn't actually play too much this week. I got a little further with Afro Samurai which I am liking more every time I play it. They add new bad guys to fight regularly and the level design is actually really interesting for a fairly linear game. Having Samual L. Jackson's voice yelling at you all the time and making off-colour remarks only adds to the delight.


I had a quick peek at State of Decay, or rather I meant to have only a quick peek. I ended up playing through the whole tutorial area and moving on to the next base. For a budget title it is surprisingly well done. It is certainly the ugliest use of the CryEngine3 I've seen, but it is certainly serviceable and seems to be a lot of fun. I don't like having multiple single player games going at the same time, so I'll have to put it aside until I finish Afro Samurai, but I look forward to getting back to it.

I also played my weekly The Elder Scrolls Online game with my buddy. They did a massive patch earlier in the week which added many cool new features including nice new lighting. However, the update also wrecked all the mods until they were updated. I think much of this had to simply do with the new agreement you have to OK for mods, but maybe they made some fundamental changes to the modding framework as well. It sucked though. You really get used to some of the mods and the game feels almost archaic without them. Thankfully most of them have been updated now.


Hopefully that won't happen too often. I'm happy to break the mods for the updates that they delivered if it is necessary though. They have really added a lot of content and improvements as promised. The visuals are getting better and better too. The first picture above is from the beta and the second picture is from the other night. They are almost the same shot from the same location, minus the other player of course.


So, I'm cleaning house all weekend for guests on Canada Day on Tuesday (Happy Canada Day to all the other Canucks). Between housework, that cursed printer, and having to rewire some other consoles and reconfig the Harmony remote for the addition of the Xbox One, I doubt I'll have a lot of play time this weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to sit with Afro Samurai for a couple hours at least.

What are you playing this weekend?