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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Hangover Edition

First off, happy July 4th to all my American cousins. You've already had a headstart on the weekend and I hope everyone is enjoying whatever they are doing for the long weekend.


I'm just coming off a rip-roaring week-long party at my place with our friends as everyone took off extra time around the Canada Day holiday. I'm still worn right out and needed several naps on Friday. Hopefully I'll be able to get back in to a regular rhythm by the end of Saturday.

We had a blast with our friends while they were here. By day the kids spent a lot of the time in the pool, playing video games, thrashing to Rock Band, and watching movies. Once the kids went to sleep the adults partied with adult sodas and lots of video games.

We didn't play anything in detail, but looked at lots of stuff that no one had played yet like Catherine, The Swapper, Goat Simulator, The Puppeteer, and many other Steam and PS3 games. We also spent a little bit of time with the Xbox One and everyone really enjoyed the Trials Fusion demo (which I've added to my Steam wishlist) and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood looked to be a great game for free on the Xbox One.


My ESO buddy brought his laptop with him and we made some progress in The Elder Scrolls Online. We have entered a new area and it has been a long time since I've seen a desert in an Elder Scrolls game (Daggerfall?). All the mods I've been using seem to be all patched up to match the current version of The Elder Scrolls Online, so everything is right with the world again. Hopefully Zenimax can do future updates to The Elder Scrolls Online without breaking all the mods, it is a pain to have to wait for mods to be updated after the game is patched.


I haven't played anything of note myself for over a week since we had house guests (and the prep that comes before guests) but Friday my son and I started Battleblock Theater after finishing Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on the 360. He really enjoyed Halo and I think it is a great fit for those parents who are concerned with the content their children play. Frankly, I think Halo should have likely received a T-rating instead of the M-rating it was branded with on release. I've played T-rated games that seemed far more violent than Halo. My son was pumped to move on to Halo 2, but I think we'll hold off until the Halo: Master Chief Collection hits the X-Box One. I guess I should probably dump my unplayed Halo 4 for 360 while I think about it.


We've just scratched the surface with BattleBlock Theater, but my son was sold on it when he was looking through my Steam library and saw this trailer:

So, lots of quiet time Saturday for us as we recover from our wonderful time with our friends. Hopefully I'll have some time to get back to Afro Samurai and The Elder Scrolls Online this weekend and I'm sure more BattleBlock Theater is in my immediate future. Really, what I've got to do this weekend is catch up on a weeks' worth of Kotaku and TAY as my first priority.


What are you playing this weekend or what have you already played if you are having a long weekend?

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