Rise From Your Grave

So I'm bachloring it for the long weekend. My wife and Xander have gone to my mother-in-law's cottage to enjoy the nature while I'm staying home to explore my virtual environments and kill the things that live in them. I'm not much of a cottage (or outdoors) person so it is a nice quiet staycation for me this weekend.

I had a fabulous time with The Elder Scrolls Online last week. Finally I have joined the undead and become a vampire. It can be really tough to become a vampire naturally if you don't want to get a bite from another player. You have to be a the right place at the right time for a special vampire NPC spawn and then hope you contract the disease of vampirism during your fight with these mobs. I did loads of hunting for these spawns to no avail. I had said I wasn't going to pay for a bite from another player to become a vampire and while I stuck to my plan; I did get turned from another player.


During my hunting for the infectious NPCs I notice large numbers of vampires heading in a single direction so I decided to follow one. Turns out they were going to an altar that you have to visit to turn other players to vampires. I watched for a good half an hour with people coming and going; humans paying their fee for bites and leaving with vampirism coursing in their veins.

The guy next to me suddenly asked me if I would like to be turned at no cost. Turns out he just acquired the ability to turn other players and hadn't had the chance to try it out.

Well, I couldn't pass that up since I wasn't paying for the bite and it would mean no longer having to roam the spawn areas looking for NPCs that could infect me.


I'm currently a level 2 vampire and learning to deal with my somewhat crippling weakness to fire attacks. I can't wait to level up my vampire skill line and get into some of the real powers available. As it is now, I try and keep my vampire hunger at stage one to keep my health regeneration somewhat normal. The less you feed over time, the more penalty you accrue to your health regeneration.


I've also played a little Max Payne 3 last week. I'm not really loving it. It is alright, but I think it is the weakest of the Rockstar games I've played so far. I enjoy the tough difficulty on hard with free aiming enabled, but there is extremely little variation in the actual gameplay so far and the enemy AI is terrible. I'm really enjoying the story, so I'll definitely finish the game but now I understand a lot of the dislike people had for the game.

Hopefully I'll be playing more of The Elder Scroll Online with my buddy since this is his birthday weekend (Happy Birthday Rests-on-Tail) and maybe I'll have a little time for some more Max Payne 3.

What are you playing this weekend?