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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Dyed In Your Arms Tonight

...and your hat, shoulders, boots, chest piece and leggings.

Last weekend was my ESO buddy's birthday and we binged on a long weekend of The Elder Scrolls Online. We are extremely close to the end of the story but have decided to poke our heads in to the PVP during our upcoming session before hitting level 50.


Update 3 has added several changes including the new dye system that suddenly makes everyone in ESO much more fabulous. I don't know that I really needed such a system as I think not having dyes makes you really appreciate people wearing full armour sets, but I certainly took advantage of the system.

I also had a few cracks at Max Payne 3 this past week. It still feels just "OK" with me. The story, visuals, and difficulty are great. The gameplay is tired and the level progression of shoving me through doors that immediately close behind me is annoying. It is a strange thing having a game that has nothing in the way of freedom released by a company that made its name off the freedom they offer in gameworlds.


I think what actually bugs me the most is the game's insistence on telling me to push forward as if there is some dire consequence for my dallying around looking for meds and ammo. I've mentioned this before, but if you don't really have a timer involved, then just shut up about moving forward. Not only does it fall flat as a gameplay device that really ruins the tension, but it is incredibly annoying to be searching a room and having the companion AI screaming at you to hurry up all the time.


I've got my folks visiting next week, so I need to prep for that, but hopefully I'll have some time for ESO and to finish off Max Payne 3 this weekend.

What are you playing this weekend?

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