I had a fairly good week of gaming last week and this weekend we've planned a trip to Canada's Wonderland. It is one of our few amusement parks in Canada and not "where the wild moose and beavers frolic, and the syrup flows like water alongside fields of the softest flannels" as Poco would have you believe.

Hopefully the weekend will also leave room for a rousing good time of config file tweaking, repeatedly loading and quitting, GTA IV modding fun.

My son and I played several great sessions of Minecraft on the Xbox One last week, which seems to be a little less than solid coding when it comes to retrieving the save files. It often hangs indefinitely when grabbing the saves and needs a hard reset to fix the issue.


I've notice that the Xbox One isn't an entirely smooth experience yet and it seems to stumble sometimes with software. I'm sure they'll smooth out the experience as we go forward, but we are creeping up on a year birthday for the machine, so you'd think this stuff wouldn't be an issue now. Oh well, I'm sure Minecraft on the Xbox One will get a ton of priority attention now.

My son and I also managed to get another chapter of Battleblock Theater under our belts which leaves us two chapters until we are finished the game.


Chapter 6, which we just completed, really pumped up the difficulty in terms of puzzles and platform challenge. My son (he's seven) was a real trooper and made the old man proud. He told me at one point that he felt like breaking the controller, except they are expensive and he didn't want to buy another one. I asked him if he wanted to quit and he said "No way, we can't let it beat us". That's my boy! :)

I absolutely LOVE the game for co-op platforming and recommend it to anyone who loves a great platform experience.


I of course played a couple sessions of The Elder Scrolls Online last week and for the first time I think I'm starting to feel some small fatigue with the game.

It is still loads of fun to play but we are currently doing the starting areas that players would first enter had they picked the Aldmeri Dominion instead of the Daggerfall Covenant that I chose initially. Of course none of the NPCs in these lands know anything of our exploits in the Daggerfall Covenent areas and missed the memo on us saving the world already.

This is a somewhat sloppy, but simple and expected way of allowing us to view the other faction's areas.


My problem is that the quests are just so beneath us. I mean, we banished the bloody Daedric prince that was threatening the world, but sure let me go pick those herbs in the forest for you.

We "have" to do these areas to get the skill points that are unique to each faction's area, but it is a little bit of a downer coming full circle and starting again when we've already experienced the build up to the end game.


Thankfully it isn't as bad as it could be since I fast forward most of the conversations in The Elder Scrolls Online (and Skyrim and Oblivion) and I'm not invested at all in the story. I'm sure there is loads of reasonably good story there for those who need/like that, but I generally don't play RPGS because I'd rather be "doing" than talking. Still, it is even more tiring for me to wade through banal conversations. I am really enjoying the combat in the veteran difficulty and that's what matters most for me, but I really need an "extremely brief" conversation mod.

I also manage to get a little more time with Grand Theft Auto IV and the ICE 3.0 mod last week. I still haven't been able to get the compromise between the visuals and the framerate I want.


I know the game wasn't optimized well for the PC to begin with, but this series of mods seems extremely taxing on the system.

It is even more frustrating because I can't get a good overall sense of the impact of many of the modifications to the engine and all the rules change when it is nighttime in the game, so it is a slow going tweaking process. I normally don't mind tweaking, but GTA IV is painfully slow to startup and resume when you are testing different settings and need to reboot the game constantly.

Hopefully this weekend will allow me sometime to finish the GTA IV tweaks and finally I'll be able to play the game in earnest.


So, what are you playing this weekend?