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Life After Food Coma

Happy weekend everyone!

Ever have those weeks where your energy is low and you feel slightly out of sorts? That was my week last week. I just couldn't seem to find any motivation to do anything and I felt exhausted all week. Maybe it was all the turkey I ate on Thanksgiving (and the three days after that).


For all the cooks out there, this year was the first time I did the bird in the convection oven instead of the traditional oven method. All I can say is, WOW! A 15 pound bird in around two hours and cooked to perfection all the way through. I can't recommend the convection oven method enough. I used this as my guide for those cooking turkeys for the upcoming American Thanksgiving (or hell, you could make turkey every week if it only takes two hours).

As a result of the turkey coma or whatever it was (maybe fighting a cold?), I played nothing last week other than my weekly session of The Elder Scrolls Online. We've mopped up our current area of Grahtwood and this allows access to three new areas. The amount of content in the game is staggering. My hopes of finishing up the game before December are looking slimmer and slimmer.


Hopefully this weekend will allow for some more of The Elder Scrolls Online and I really have to get back to Grand Theft Auto IV. My lack of motivation to play GTA IV is the exact same problem I had with the previous GTA titles. I don't know what it is, but those games don't suck me in at all. Mafia II and Sleeping Dogs I couldn't put down. Oh well, I'll push through.


So what are you playing this weekend?

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