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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Datacide Gains A Level

As in a real life level. No glowing lights surrounded me, there were no points to distribute or new skills to be had. I turned 43 last week.


In keeping with my attempt at self-regulation on game purchases this year, I didn't get any games for my birthday. My backlog in games is simply ridiculous, it would likely take years to get through just that and I'm ok with not having the latest games.

I did get some awesome loot, including a wonderful framed document from my son about how amazing a Dad I am. My wife and son also gave me a coupon to be redeemed anytime for a PS4 console. I'm awaiting the 1TB skus to drop before getting that, but my promise to myself about curtailing game purchases has dulled my hunger for new games and I'll be happy to get the PS4 whenever that happens; I'm in no rush.

So aside from the usual gorging on music and movies for my birthday (did everyone else know that Slipknot released their entire catalog remastered in HD?) the poster shown below was the only other game related item I received for my birthday.


Last week saw almost no gaming with my messed up sleeping schedule still hovering over me and we've had construction on our deck continuing. I feel like changing the title of this weekly article to "Please Tell Datacide What You Are Playing So He Can Live Vicariously Through Your Gaming".

Of course, I did manage to play my weekly session of The Elder Scrolls Online.


My friend and I managed to collect all the shards in the PVP area of Cyrodiil which is amazing and was surprisingly very little work.

The shards in The Elder Scrolls Online are littered around each map and for every three shards you collect, you get one skill point. At our veteran levels, every skill point really becomes essential.


If you can view this map, you see that my current campaign in the PVP area of Cyrodiil is ridiculously in my factions favour (I'm on the blue team).


Normally the land occupation tends to be fairly evenly distributed between the factions, at least from what little PVP I've played. This allows for exciting battles and a constant fluctuation of boarders. The current campaign I am in for my home campaign is devoid of life and is dominated by my faction. And when I mean devoid of life, I'm not joking in the slightest, I rarely even run across players in my own faction. How we are continuing to hold on to almost the entire map is beyond my comprehension.


(me sitting outside the Ebonheart Pact's starting keep in plain sight...I should be dead)

However, the one benefit of ruling the whole map and having no living souls in sight is that my buddy and I were able to get all the shards in Cyrodiil in a couple of sessions with absolutely no resistance. There are 15 shards inside each factions starting area, making for a total of 45 shards in all of Cyrodiil...that's 15 skill points! (that's a LOT)


So we were very happy with all our yummy new skill points and we will continue with the PvE game at our next session.

Tonight will see some awesome gaming. I have a massive game night with my son. It is a birthday tradition for his birthday and my birthday that we play games all night on the birthday weekend until Xander falls asleep. Last time he made it until 5am, with my crappy sleeping schedule lately, I hope I'm able to keep up.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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