Embracing The Changes

Happy Weekend TAY! I had a busy week last week and I'm looking forward to what looks like a quiet weekend.

Part of the chaos of the past week was the recent update in The Elder Scrolls Online. This is the 5th major content update for the game and it brings a whole raft of changes.

The update includes many changes to classes, balancing of abilities, challenges for crafting, new dungeon quests, graphical enhancements, plus many more things I should stop listing and let you read in the link above if you care.


One unwelcome change is that dungeons now scale to the level of the group leader. Prior to this change, group and veteran dungeons were already too tough for my friend and I, hell, even group dungeons several levels below us kick our asses because they expect four players at the suggested level of the dungeon.

This new change makes group and veteran dungeons extremely hard or impossible for us to complete with just two players. I get the whole social aspect of an MMO, I just feel like I shouldn't be forced into a group setting with people I don't know just to see all the content. There are loads of players enjoying the game solo or in groups less than four players, don't force them to interact with others if they don't choose to do so.


Werewolves also saw a lot of love this update. I think all the character models received a resolution upgrade with the current patch, but the werewolves look extra cool now and feature new animations. Plus, they've been toughened up, now cost less to use, and feature three new abilities. It is a grand time to be a stinky furball. (says the vampire player)

The only thing that makes me cringe when a major update hits is all the game maintenance and hassles the update presents me.


Every time there is a major content update, the majority of the mods break and there is wait time involved while the mods are updated to comply with the new version of the game. I'm running close to 30 mods now and this week was all about configuring mods and dealing with the fallout of the broken mods that are still awaiting updates. Happily, the main mods I used have been fixed already. (by the wonderful and gracious people who make these amazing enhancements...please keep doing what you do, pretty please)

I also managed a few nights of Grand Theft Auto IV last weekend, but I haven't been back to it since The Elder Scrolls Online update. I never feel any burning desire to boot up GTA IV, but I've been having an alright time with it when I do get back to it. The city layout continues to impress me. I've grown to appreciate the distinct character they have given the city and how authentic it feels when you drive around in it.


My son and I have begun to play Trine on PC after finishing off BattleBlock Theater and it has been a lot of fun. The original Trine still looks rather nice on PC and the co-op gameplay is fun if not a little too easy so far. I hope it becomes more challenging as we move forward.

I'm hoping to sneak in some game time with all three of my games this weekend while my son and I review for his math test next week. We've had sprinklings of snow on and off last week as well, so I've got to start battening down the hatches for the possibility of significant snowfall anytime now.


So, what are you playing this weekend?