Bad Moon Rising

Winter's sudden appearance threw us for a bit of a loop last week as it took hold of our region. I've already had the snowblower out twice and I've left the rest of the snow alone as it is supposed to get up to 10C on Monday. Certainly nothing to complain about when you look at western New York for winter storms, but there is always a bit of adjustment to the slower pace of everything once the snow hits. Slower driving, slower getting in and out the door with all the extra clothes, and slower getting away from the house with the shoveling and snowblowing.

I didn't get much in the way of gaming in this week, but of course there was always room for some of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Since the werewolves saw a lot of love last patch and I am running out of skills to level on my character, I figured it was time to see how the other half lives.


I was shocked at my appearance once I cured my vampirism. I've been a pale and pasty vampire for so long that I forgot what I looked like as a regular Breton. I feel like I've been away in the tropics working on my tan.

So, after a full respec of my skills and attributes, my buddy took me to the sacred shrine for the werewolves and gave me Hercine's gift. (which was really just ripping out my throat for a while). After completing the werewolf quest I am now a full member of Hercine's pack.


I'm glad I didn't bother with the werewolves before the latest patch. They have been improved so much that they are viable to play now. I haven't had much time with the game since becoming a werewolf late in my last play session, but I'm looking forward to leveling my werewolf skills and discovering the new abilities as I rank up enough to use them.

One of the more exciting aspects is that there are skills that allow werewolves to work in groups to keep their transformation active for a longer periods. Since my buddy has been a werewolf for ages, it will be cool to see how we work as a group now.


Oh, and we hit veteran level 6, so time for new weapons, armour, and of course...a new hat. I think the beard and the skull face-plate go together very well.

I also finished Trine with my son last week. It was quite enjoyable but a little too casual for me to really love it. I loved the controls, the look of the game is beautiful, and the overall game design is well put together. What's missing is good level design that involves some real thought to get through and having to utilize all the abilities in your arsenal to solve the puzzles. It wasn't until the very last stage that I started to feel challenged by the level design and you began to see the promise of what the game really could be. I'm hoping Trine 2 expands on the ideas of the first game and really ups the ante for the puzzle-like levels. Still though, it was a great co-op game that I'd have no problem recommending to anyone.


It's my wife's birthday Saturday, so the birthday festivities will of course be paramount this weekend. If I do play at all, I hope to get back to GTA IV. I really need to get that finished off, I'm totally jonesing for a good first person shooter. Xander and I will have to sit down and decide what we are playing next as well, so at least I'll have something new to play with him.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

Oh, FYI. BattleBlock Theater is on sale via Steam this weekend, I can't recommend that game enough. Plus, I was at Costco (Canada) Friday night and they had Killzone and Infamous for PS4 for $18 each. Crazy!