Here Comes The Funk

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all my American cousins. I hope everyone is full of food and shopping. After all the family time, I'm sure some of you are looking forward to relaxing this weekend with some games.

Being Canadian, we had our Thanksgiving over a month ago and I couldn't be bothered to shop for the Black Friday sales that are going on now, so I had a fairly relaxing week.

Of course I played some of The Elder Scrolls Online last week. We've hit the last area of the Aldmeri Domain and I'm interested to see how the game continues after this area. Since we've already done the end story in our own faction (Daggerfall Covenant) and playing in the other faction areas doesn't have the main storyline, I'm curious how they'll transition us to the third and final faction.


I'm thoroughly enjoying playing as a werewolf and the mechanics that benefit playing in packs of werewolves really makes the case for social groups in the game. I'm only playing with my friend at the moment, but the new werewolf abilities now let us stay as a werewolf far longer than was possible when the game launched. I'm looking forward to completely leveling up all the skills and seeing how powerful we will be together.


Since Xander and I finished Trine a week or so ago, we needed another game to play together. We settled on Toe Jam and Earl 3 on the original Xbox. He hasn't really played around with the old Xbox and he was excited to try it out.

It had been a while since I booted the old Xbox and once I got my wireless Logitech controllers working on the system we were all set.


I was surprised how well the game held up. I haven't played it since launch, more than a decade ago. The graphics still have a nice high resolution look to them and the framerate and animations still look relatively modern. The cutscenes are a little worse for wear and the humour often falls flat, but that gameplay is still very fun and surprisingly tough in parts. My son is loving the present aspect of the game, nothing is more exciting than opening random presents...especially if they have a chance to kill you.

For those who haven't played the Toe Jam and Earl games, I won't go in to details here, but I highly suggest looking them up to play. They are fun and strikingly original games that are still just as exciting to play today as the day they were released.


The Genesis games are excellent and are available on the Wii Virtual Console, PS3 PSN and Xbox Live Arcade. It is a pity the third game was only on Xbox and doesn't work with the backwards compatibility of the 360. It still has enough going for it and wonderful co-op gameplay that a re-release of the third game would certainly be cool for Xbox Live.

I'm still slogging through GTA IV and my wife and I returned to Dante's Inferno after a LONG absence. We got side-tracked with three seasons of Breaking Bad and two seasons of The Walking Dead (TV). I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to get back in to the game with the gap in play. I generally don't do well putting a game down for long and generally need to restart from the beginning to get back in to a title. Thankfully Dante's Inferno wasn't like this at all. We left the game, unbeknownst to us, at a boss but after only two attempts I was back in the swing of things. It is a hard game not to love for fans of God Of War and the visuals are just as grand and gory.


So, I refuse to go shopping this weekend and the few presents I have let to get for Xander's birthday aren't on sale around here anyhow(Smash Bros. for the Wii U and the Halo: Master Chief Collection). I'm hoping for a nice relaxing weekend with the family and more time with my current line up of games.

So, for those who aren't away with family and unable to game, what are you playing this weekend?