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Days Of Darkness

Loss and how we cope with loss is part of how we define ourselves as humans.

Last Tuesday began a personal trial for me. She was my friend, my companion, my playmate, my teacher. My wife referred to her as the other woman, but she had an impact on my whole family in a positive way.


Last Tuesday, my gaming PC died.

I'm now typing from an eight year old HP Laptop that can't play games and likely has less power than my iPhone, but I can hook it up to the TV and pretend that things are somewhat the same...until I want to game.

I'm running on the premise that one of the GPUs in my dual-GPU Nvidia 590 video card might have died. I can get the PC running but as soon as I install a driver for the video card or let Window 7 update (which also installs a video driver) the whole machine will blue-screen forever and the machine then won't even complete a POST.


The alternative issue could be that once the video card is fully operational with a driver, it draws much more power with the two GPUs active and that my problem is somehow power related. I'll hope for the first problem with the fried video card. While the 590 was in no way a cheap purchase, it is a hell of a lot easier to replace and the machine doesn't have to leave my house. I managed to get an Nvidia 760 on the cheap during Best Buy's Cyber-week sales, so when that arrives (likely next week) I'll hopefully be somewhat up and running.


So, obviously last week didn't see much gaming as I lost sleep and likely more hair while I tried to bring my computer back from the dead.


My adventures with The Elder Scrolls Online came to a screeching halt and I'll have to put my account on hold if this repair issue becomes a protracted affair. Hopefully I won't get turfed from too many guilds for being inactive.

I did manage to play some Grand Theft Auto IV prior to the dark days. I had some screenshots to share, but they are safe on a drive on the downed PC. You know, I think I might have a GTA curse, I'm starting to think all of my GTA games have been interrupted by hardware failures or other hardware issues.


I did also manage a couple hours with ZombiU while I was waiting for Windows Updates during my PC resuscitation attempts. For me this game is the shining gem in the Nintendo Wii U library so far. Since first person melee is my favourite type of game, it isn't hard to see why I'd love ZombiU, but Ubisoft does a great job with atmosphere. I love a game that is just generally creepy to explore, where lighting up the dark really matters, and where tension is always present. Add to that the fact that life is cheap in the game and they'll kill you quickly and often. They then make you start with a new character that needs to go and find your last characters zombie to get back your loot...I'm simply in heaven.


So, this weekend will likely be more ZombiU as I slum with the consoles (I kid). Hopefully I'll have better news about my dearly missed friend when I post next week.

So, what are you playing this weekend?

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