Rise From Your Grave

Yay! My gaming PC has been brought back to life. It was apparently the video card that bit the dust. Hopefully this is indeed the case and it wasn't something else that actually blew the video card.

I managed to snag a Zotac Nvidia 760 GTX on the cheap from Best Buy during the Cyber-week sales. This was over a week ago. It took almost a week to get from Best Buy which seems a tad slow considering how fast I receive stuff from Amazon.ca.

I'm pretty happy with the card so far. Obviously I'm ecstatic that it corrected my problem and that I don't have to deal with having someone look at my system during the busy holiday weeks. Zotac even offers a fairly nice overclocking app with the card. I know this is fairly common now to have overclocking software included, but I really like Zotac's implementation.


I won't know much about performance comparisons with the old card until I can get time with the card and some games. The Elder Scrolls Online was the only thing I was eager to check out since I didn't want to be turfed from any guilds for being inactive while I was down, but thankfully that didn't happen. The Elder Scrolls Online seems to perform just as well as it did previously with the old hardware, but that game is not pushing the envelope very hard.

I'll be interested to see what performance is like when I get back to Grand Theft Auto IV, but that might be a while since I'm SO IN LOVE with ZombiU.


I can't wait to have a moment to get back to ZombiU. I haven't touched it since my video card came last Wednesday; I am going through withdrawal.

While I was in limbo from PC gaming waiting for my video card, I thought I'd take my new Wii U out for a spin. The only game I hadn't put much time in from our other Wii U was ZombiU since it was more violent than I thought Xander needed to be exposed to at his age.

Did I mention I'm in LOVE? The Condemned series is one of my all-time favourite games and ZombiU really is channelling that experience for me.


It isn't without its warts and Condemned is a stronger game in terms of combat, but ZombiU is no slouch. The melee combat is that wonderful game of chicken I love to play with close quarters combat. While the combat (so far) lacks a lot of variety in combat mechanics and in the modeling of the zombies you are bludgeoning to re-death, there is no denying the tense gameplay.

The whole game just oozes tension. From the dark playfields lit with your flashlight to the haunting soundscapes and wonderfully creepy zombies, ZombiU really captures the dread missing from many other zombie entries.


I could certainly do without the battle music and there is definitely room for improvement in some areas, but given the wide range in review scores I am extremely surprised (and pleased) how much I am thoroughly enjoying the game.

I think Ubisoft missed the boat not porting this elsewhere. While the functionality of the Wii U's gamepad does a great job showcasing how a second screen can be utilized, I don't think porting the game to a single screen design would have really taken away from the game at all. Then maybe it would have sold enough to warrant the sequel that is very much deserved. Hopefully Shiryu's find on this rumour will actually come to pass.

So, while I'm still tweaking my Windows reinstall this weekend and The Elder Scrolls Online needs attention, it is ZombiU that I want to get back to the most.


What are you playing this weekend?