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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Everything Is Always Better With Giant Mushrooms

Happy Weekend TAY! I'm definitely feeling like indoor fun this weekend. As I'm writing this it feels like -29C outside (-20.2F for those people who use ye olde system).


I'm looking forward to maybe getting in another session or two of Halo CE Anniversary on Xbox One on the weekend. Xander and I played a chapter each day after school last week. Having just finished "The Library", we are now a few missions away from finishing the game. The Library level in Halo CE is absolutely terrible, repetitive design, even eight year old Xander complained loudly how "boring" the whole mission was to complete. It is definitely the weakest level design in the game. I'm excited to be done with Halo CE and move on to the remastered Halo 2. I don't think I've played Halo 2 since launch on the original Xbox.

I was able to grab a few sessions of The Elder Scrolls Online last week. I think I'm now in a good place with my respec'd character and I still have a small pool of unassigned skill points left over. We've continued on with our current area of Deshann and we'll hopefully have that all mopped up at the end of our next session. I really hope there are giant mushrooms also in the next zone as I enjoy the Alice In Wonderland feeling of our current area.


I've been doing a little more farming and searching than normal in The Elder Scrolls Online, trying to find rare loot and building up my sales at the guild stores. However, I'm going to stop this as it is seriously cutting in to my time for other games. I've got the fantastic ZombiU on the go which has been untouched for weeks.

My wife and I were supposed to polish off Dante's Inferno before starting more TV shows, but we've been sucked into the fourth season of Breaking Bad. Can't complain, it is a fantastic season!


So, hopefully some Smash Bros plus Mario Kart 8 with the family and some more Halo with the kid this weekend (with maybe a spot of ZombiU if I can stop logging in to ESO).

What are you playing this weekend?

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