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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Freedom! (or at least Buydom)

Happy Weekend TAY!

There was lots of excitement around here last week. As many of you predicted (and I sometimes scoffed at the prospect), The Elder Scrolls Online will be losing the necessity to have a subscription. The rebranded "Tamriel Unlimited" will launch for PC in March and is on tap for the PS4 and Xbox One in June.

They've set up a buy-to-play (B2P) entry and there is still a subscription model in the game if that works better for you. I've cancelled my subscription for the game (which now runs out at the end of February) as I can't see the benefit of the subscription model aside from the "new areas". Since I only get to play The Elder Scrolls Online twice a week at best, the B2P option will be great for me, even if that means buying the new area content separately.


I would encourage all players to start off with B2P mode before jumping on a subscription. The only real benefit I see for the subscription is an accelerated advancement and frankly the one thing I often complain about with ESO is how we always end up out-levelling the areas. I've never, ever had to grind in the game for XP.

It sounds like I will just be able to roll right in to the re-launch like nothing changed, though there should be a hefty content addition at the relaunch. I wonder if many of you will now be trying out the game now that the subscriptions are gone? Personally, think it is loads of fun.


Last week, we played our weekly session of The Elder Scrolls Online just prior to the relaunch announcement. We've now made it to Shadowfen and finally found the skeleton costume that everyone seems to love to wear. I haven't logged in to ESO since the B2P announcement, so it will be interesting to see how the in-game mood is now. I imagine most people will be happy but there will always be the haters.


I also finished off ZombiU last week. Fantastic, simply the best thing I've played on the WiiU. (yes, Mario Kart 8 is a close second). I was a little disappointed with the ending and went for a drink while the credits ran. Of course Ubisoft credits are notoriously long, you could go to the store and back and still return in time to catch the end of the credits. I came back with drink in hand and continued to watch the credits.

**(spoiler warning for the following paragraph about the end of ZombiU, though I think it more of a heads-up than a spoiler. I don't discuss the content of the ending.)**


Then...there was more game. The real ending. Of course I didn't have a controller in hand and had to scramble to get one. I was so thrown for a loop there was more game that I forgot everything I learned from the game and just made a mad break for safety. This of course is the wrong move and I promptly found the "bad" ending of the game. I'll need to replay the whole game to see one of the other two endings, but that won't be for a long while, I generally don't play games I've finished until several years later.

**End Spoiler**

Such an amazing game. Fans of Condemned should feel at home here. I was surprised how genuinely creepy and tense much of the game was; the atmosphere and level design are top notch.


I'm back to Grand Theft Auto IV again after re-modding the game since my last re-install when my system went down. I haven't had a chance to actually play, but hopefully I'll be able to grab an hour or two this weekend.


Xander and I have almost finished up with Halo CE Anniversary for Xbox One. Last week was busy with studying for a math test but we managed to get two more missions under our belt. We have only the final mission "The Maw" left to do and then we are on to Halo 2. I'm excited to play Halo 2 with him because he's been complaining all the way along that we can't pick up the Covenant's energy swords in Halo. I haven't spoiled the surprise. I clearly remember bringing home Halo 2, when it originally launched, and the rush when I was able to pick up an energy sword.


So, hopefully some more Breaking Bad, GTA IV, ESO and studying for Xander's grade school test on pioneers.

What are you playing this weekend?

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