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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Mopping Up

(Damn, sorry I didn't realize this was originally only published to my private blog...whoops! Thanks Retrohunter for alerting me.)


Happy Weekend TAY! I have a nice quiet weekend planned as I have no pressing obligations and we are supposed to see a good amount of snow fall. Sounds like the perfect weekend for movies and video games. Getting an early start, we just showed Xander The Princess Bride for the first time on Friday night; he loved it.

I spent a quiet week in The Elder Scrolls Online just doing routine maintenance and keeping an eye on my shop sales. My gaming partner's subscription is done while he waits for the game to relaunch with no monthly fee and I won't go on without him. This leaves me somewhat in limbo for a couple of weeks while I wait for my subscription to wind down and then I'll have almost a month off to focus on other games.


Most of last week's gaming was with my son after school and Halo 2: Anniversary. We are sad pandas right now as we've hit a progression halting bug in Chapter 7. The bug seems to only occur in splitscreen mode since I tested it single player with no problems. It sucks though, we've replayed the entire chapter seven times now and it always crashes right near the end of the chapter when a cutscene kicks in. The added insult is that the save system is non existent for co-op play, so we have to restart the chapter from the beginning each time.

It is extra crappy because the crash occurs before a boss battle and it will ruin the flow of the game if we just skip to the next chapter. I guess if we don't pass the crash in a few more attempts then I'll have to help him do it single player just to see the content.


I love our Xbox One, but it is a somewhat flaky experience more often than it should be.


I also managed to sneak in a little bit of Grand Theft Auto IV here and there last week. Still slogging, but hopefully I'm starting to near the end. I don't think there is much of the map I haven't had missions in by now.

So, hopefully I'll get in some family gaming this weekend and maybe my wife will rear her head from her current addiction of Heroes of Might and Magic III HD on the iPad. She's a long time HoMM fan and number three was her favourite, so she's in heaven right now.


What are you playing this weekend?

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