Just a quickie this week. I'm off today to my folks place for a few days as Xander begins March Break this coming week.

I've been swamped with life all of last week and didn't have much time for gaming. When I did have time, it was all Titanfall...all the time.

I've mentioned this before, but I've never really spent much time with PVP online games. I played a bit of Chivalry a year or so ago and I think it was way back to Halo 2 on the original Xbox for any longer stint than Chivalry. Prior to that, I have to reach way back to LAN games with Doom when I was at university. I've probably already played more Titanfall than any of my previous PVP experiences.


I'm absolutely loving Titanfall. The level design is amazing and that coupled with the parkour on steroids makes for a fast flowing fun time. There are so many possible nooks and crannies for people to attack you from and so many places to hide when you are being wailed on by a couple Titans. It really is a well put together experience. The announcement of the sequel coming for Xbox One, PS4, and PC means that even more people will be able to see what the fuss is about.

I'm really grooving with the game and I can't get enough of it. I still suck terribly at it but I'm getting slowly better and I enjoy hunting the top people on the other team to see how they play.


Having just started with Titanfall, you can imagine my squeal of pleasure this week when EA dropped the price of all the Titanfall DLC to nothing and they are planning on keeping it at a zero cost forever. I've downloaded the DLC but alas I've only had a couple minutes to look at a few of the new levels. I'll have to wait until I am back from the parental units to really dig in to it.

My weekly game session with my buddy was a bit of a disaster. We played another game of Dungeon of the Endless. It really is a great game and I imagine single player it would be loads of fun. However, the game is fundamentally flawed for co-op play.


Aside from niggling issues for the co-op play, such as not being able to trade inventory between players, none of the issues are as game crushing as not being able to save at all in co-op. The game can take 6-10 hours (apparently) to play to the end. Since there are randomly generated levels, playtime can vary quite a bit depending on your luck of the draw. However, 6-10 hours is a serious commitment to a multiplayer game for a single session and most people would have a hard time being able to accommodate such a large block of time.

But that's not the worst part. Since there is no saving going on at all in the co-op game you are screwed if your internet service or the connection to the other player is interrupted. My normally extremely stable internet connection decided to hiccup six hours into our game. It was only a second or two interruption in service, but that was enough to kill our game completely.


Apparently Amplitude Studios is working on the save issue and other co-op issues as well, so I'll shelve the game until they update it. My buddy and I will be able to return to free Elder Scrolls Online next week, so we aren't hard-up for something to play together. If they never actually update Dungeon of the Endless then I'll revisit it single player in the future. We had a blast while we were playing it.

Other than that, my only other gaming last week was more Toejam and Earl 3 with Xander. We are progressing nicely and the game really is a whole lot of challenging fun. Please consider funding the new Toejam and Earl game on Kickstarter if you enjoyed the series. They are getting close to ¾ funded but have a ways to go for the project to happen. It really sounds like they have a great handle on what was popular with the series and a great vision for the new title. It will be nice to see what they can come up with without a publisher messing up the plans.


So, no games this weekend, but hopefully I'll be able to mop up a lot of Toejam and Earl 3 this week with Xander while he is on March Break. With the relaunch of The Elder Scrolls Online on Tuesday, I'm sure I'll be too busy for my other games, but it will be tough not to jump back in to Titanfall.

What are you playing this weekend?