Come On Baby, Let's Do The Twitch

Happy Weekend TAY!

We've seen a bit of a return to winter around here with freezing temperatures, so it will be nice to snuggle up with some games and cocoa this weekend.

Last week was all about Twitch for me.

My Elder Scrolls Online buddy proposed that we start playing our ESO and other PC games on Twitch. Maybe someone would enjoy watching that, I don't really know. I must admit I don't fully "get" Twitch other than as a means to create game education/training/tournament videos for later posting to Youtube. Maybe I just haven't watched enough, but I figure if I have time to watch someone play a game, then I should have time to be playing a game myself.


That said, there are certainly tons of people watching other people play games on Twitch. Maybe someone would enjoy watching two old men play Elder Scrolls Online in our rambling and confusing manner. If not, the exercise in learning to broadcast on Twitch is a great education in itself.


Almost all of last week's free time was about learning the ropes and optimizing my broadcast stream. I haven't had a whole lot of time to spend with it, but I've got things down pretty well for The Elder Scrolls Online and Titanfall.


We did end up playing our entire weekly session of The Elder Scrolls Online and streamed it on Twitch to mixed results. Once we iron out the broadcasting issues, it should go more smoothly. I never dreamed there would be so many variables.


The Elder Scrolls Online seems to be going well since they've dropped the subscription. I'm having a blast with the justice system and playing criminal but I think it is the hunting that has changed things up for me in a good way. Meat from animals is going for high prices in the guild stores now and it is going fast, so my resource farming now includes a great deal of hunting which is a lot more fun than picking flowers and chopping wood. I get super excited now when I see a deer off in the distance and go tearing after it. I guess we'll see how long the price stays up on the meats, but it is a nice change-up to the old formula for the moment.

My only complaint is that since the 1.6 update everything is easier. This was supposed to make it more approachable, but with two people, we already felt the game was too easy. This is a little disappointing for us. I certainly don't need the game to be easier and would gladly select the "hard" option if there was one.

Other than messing with a bit of Titanfall the only other gaming I did last week was more Toejam and Earl 3 with Xander. Still having a great time with the game, but the later levels are getting evil and we are running out of presents and money. Maybe we can go back and grind some earlier levels if things get bad.


Xander and I were super-excited to see on Friday that Humanature's Kickstarter for the new Toejam and Earl - Back in the Groove was fully funded. I look forward to getting my mitts on my copy when it is released. I'm sure it will also end up on Steam so at least the PC crowd will be able to enjoy it. Maybe if it does well they'll port it elsewhere.


So, likely more Twitch setup game this weekend and I have to see a man about repairing a ColecoVision. Maybe I'll be able to squeeze in some Sly Cooper as well.

What are you playing this weekend?