Hey, whatcha playing?

So I spent a chunk of the week doing what I did last week. I would jump back and forth from Battlefield Hardline to random other games. After Bloodborne I worked on Axiom Verge. I didn’t like AV, and needed something simpler, something pure and fun and kind of easy.

Well I might as well say I sort of fall on the Battlefield side of the FPS line. I am not a huge fan by any means, but it’s just one of those things. I don’t really need the ego stroke any more. But part of what Hardline gets right is it’s addition of modes where you can feel like you actually mattered. Often, in Battlefield, you find yourself as one small cog of a much bigger event. The few encounters you are involved in during a match might make a single point or two run back and forth between the two teams.

With Hardline there are now some modes where you actually feel like your efforts mattered to the match. It’s interesting since it doesn’t mess with the games actual balance, but it gives you more options that actually feel like options. BF4 was a fine game, ok it really wasn’t, but one of the problems was every mode just felt like walls of dudes being thrown together. There were no modes of play that pulled you away from a generally chaotic mess.


The other thing that’s pretty good from Hardline was the addition of Hotwire mode. It really is actual fun. Like just on it’s own it’s stupid fun. There was this thing people used to do where they would ride around on motorcycles and the guy on the back would throw C4 on a nearby tank and blow it up. Basically the devs extrapolated that concept and built an entire mode around it. One way to play is just to drive around in these vehicles that work like mobile capture points, the defensive/offensive(can’t really determine) way to play is to just go around and blow up the guys in those mobile capture points. It’s just dumb fun.

The other game I really worked on was Tower of Guns. It’s a great game. Like Spelunky or Binding of Isaac you either build up the momentum to make it far pretty early or you die. Procedural roguelike FPS. You probably won’t like the game much when you start, it has a weird feel to play and it’s sort of silly. But if you stick with it a bit it might open up.


Finally this week I picked up Tuikoden: Kiwami. Lots of fun so far. General monster hunter clone from Koei with space lizards casting nostril magic and Japanese wizards and stuff. Trees with belts. The usual.

Also of note, my cat Okepah passed away this week. It was really sad. Lots of nights with him laying next to me while I put off sleep for one more round or one more boss attempt. He was aged though, as natural a passing as could be asked.