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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Back To The Grind

I’m still recovering from my vacation, I couldn’t believe how wiped I was all week. I think all the sleep I missed on vacation really caught up to me when I arrived home.


Last week was all about catching up with what was missed while I was away and getting ready for starting the outdoor chores that the warmer weather will bring.

I didn’t play too much last week, but I did find some time to pick up where I left off.

I played a bit of The Elder Scrolls Online, but I’m in a maintenance holding pattern while my buddy’s laptop is in for service and he is heading off for a vacation this coming week.


Now that the subscriptions are gone, I should just be able to put ESO down for big chunks of time. However, that’s not an option if you’ve joined trade guilds.

Many of the trade guilds have become a little draconian with requiring each member to keep 20-30 items up for sale at all times. (30 being the max items you can have up for sale per guild). I can understand the need to push members as it isn’t cheap to bid on kiosks each week and the better the kiosk location, the more it will cost the guild to bid on. These kiosks are the guilds storefront to the public. If you don’t have a storefront than you can only sell items to guild members. Obviously being able to sell items to the general public and at a popular location is how the best trade guilds operate.


I belong to five trade guilds (five guilds being the maximum number of guilds a player can belong to in ESO). Normally it isn’t too challenging to keep items up for sale since you are always finding loot as you are questing. However, now that I am unable to adventure on my own so that I don’t get ahead of my partner in XP, I am finding it tough to keep my numbers up in the stores. Oh well, hopefully within a week my routine with The Elder Scrolls Online will return to normal.


***spoiler below in the video for a boss fight in Sly Cooper, I threw it in for the memories***

I played a little Sly Cooper last week, finishing off Mission 3 which leaves me two more missions to go. I have to admit, the game has worn a little thin for me now as I feel like I am just doing the same things over and over. Hopefully it won’t take me too much longer to polish the game off but I’m having trouble being motivated to play it.


The highlight of the week was starting Halo 3 with my son from the Halo: Master Chief Collection. I loved Halo 3 and it is great to play it again as I haven’t looked at it since it launched on the 360.


I’m a little disappointed by the splitscreen essentially being presented in a 4:3 aspect ratio. We both get a widescreen view but there are large black bars down the sides which effectively makes the whole presentation 4:3. It isn’t too distracting, but it feels a little cheap after the full widescreen presentation of the splitscreen play in Halo and Halo 2.


Performance is great though and of course the wide open levels of Halo 3 are loads of fun to drive around on. My son is having a blast playing it but is somewhat perturbed (and a little frightened) of the cryptic messages you get from Cortana while you are playing. I can’t wait until he sees what is coming. He felt really bad leaving her behind in Halo 2.

I’ve got a jampacked weekend of family visiting and tree planting for Scouts, so I don’t think there is too much in my future for gaming this weekend. Other than keeping my guild stores topped up of course.


What are you playing this weekend?

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