At The Mercy Of The System

Happy weekend TAY, and happy long weekend to all my Canadian brothers and sisters, hopefully other countries are having a long weekend as well.

This past week was jam packed with Twitch testing for me. My buddy had his laptop returned from a major repair stint at Alienware. They replaced his motherboard and dual GPUs and they are coming back to his place to replace his hard drives and motherboard again this week.

At least now his system doesn’t pitch a fit when he is streaming and playing The Elder Scrolls Online. It was really nice to finally get out of my holding pattern in the game and continue on with our adventuring.


We are almost at the end of all the factions PvE content which leaves us Craiglorn as the only unexplored land. I’m looking forward to Craiglorn as it was built as post storyline veteran content, so I’m hoping for a challenge. I’m still a little disappointed that The Elder Scrolls Online difficulty was nerfed after the relaunch.

After finishing off Sly Cooper a couple weeks ago, I had the always enjoyable task of selecting a new game for my solo gaming time.


I had decided on TimeShift for PC, partially because I thoroughly enjoyed the game when I played it on the 360 and I also wanted to see if I could just ditch my 360 copy in my constant drive to reduce the amount of physical games in my house. doesn’t work with my PC. I spent hours and hours trying different online suggestions to get the game to work, eventually coming to the realization that the game is just not going to work with my configuration for whatever reason.

This is the second game I have on Steam that won’t work. Funny enough, the other is Prototype which is also published from Activision. I’m certainly not alone in being unable to get both of these games to work on PC as seen by the amount of people complaining on Steam and other forums. Perhaps Activision needs to spend some money tweaking their games to work on modern PCs. It seems a little awful to continue to sell stuff at the high prices Activision does and not offer a lot in the way of post release support.


So, with that not happening I moved on to Homefront on PC. At least it works.

I’d often read the disappointing reviews of Homefront, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to see how the invasion and occupation of the U.S. by North Korea played out. Thankfully it isn’t terrible; certainly nothing new is being offered here and the game looks and feels older than it should, but it is entertaining so far.


My biggest gripe is that the sound doesn’t work correctly on my system. It says it is outputting at 7.1 on my system, but the sound seems to be just outputting as a stereo signal. Many complained about this online, so I’ll just play the game in stereo since it is supposed to be a fairly short run. It’s a pisser though, sound is extremely important to me and the lack of surround sound really ruins the immersion for me.

My son and I managed to squeeze in some Halo 4 on the Xbox One between studying for math tests last week.


I’m still extremely impressed with the game and we are having a blast with it. I’m really enjoying the story quite a bit and the new weapons are just so much fun.

I had read numerous complaints about the splitscreen performance on the Xbox One version of Halo 4, some even going so far as to say it was unplayable in splitscreen. This certainly isn’t the case for us, it is very playable and performs extremely well. Possibly this issue has been patched up since the initial reviews of the game.


My only gripe so far with the game is the soundtrack isn’t as appealing to me. I know there is a different composer for Halo 4, however it isn’t so much the pieces themselves that bother me as much as they often feel like they are out of context for the scene. Unlike the other Halo soundtracks that seem to enhance the gamescape, the Halo 4 soundtrack often feels like it is butting up against the tone the level is trying to set.

So, I’ll have a busy weekend of Twitch testing and hopefully I’ll be able to finish up Homefront. I also finally received my Bluray of Big Hero 6 in 3D from India (thanks E1 Salvador for the info). I haven’t seen Big Hero 6 yet, so I’m looking forward to watching that.


What are you playing this (long) weekend?