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Happy Weekend TAY!

My kid was off Friday from school for a PA Day, so it feels like the weekend had a head start around here. We spent the day at used game stores and pawn shops hunting for treasure. My son finally found a copy of Kirby Mass Attack he was looking for and I found a replacement Saturn S-Video cable I needed, so it was a good day.


As of last week, my Twitch testing with my friend is done...at least for me. I’m out, I can’t play my games that way any longer.

I never realized while we were playing The Elder Scrolls Online how much Twitch was impacting my gaming experience. I was already in shutdown mode for ESO, having completed pretty much all the content after a great year, so I wasn’t able to separate my growing fatigue with The Elder Scrolls Online and my recent unsettled and unsatisfied gaming attitude.

It wasn’t until we were in to our second night of playing Dying Light on Twitch that I realized Twitch was ruining the atmosphere of my games. Having to converse with people outside of the game and having a constant flow of people in and out took my horror game and made it much less horrifying.


It makes perfect sense to me looking back at it now. I can’t play games with TV shows on in the room, hell I don’t like to play games with any distractions at all. Of course, Twitch is a big distraction from your game. While obviously many people manage to game on Twitch with no issues and enjoy all the conversations while they are playing; this clearly isn’t for me. I began to find the audience a distraction and almost an intrusion in to my gaming world.

Plus, there was being on camera all the time which makes you less relaxed. I have also gone to great pains to make a game room just for me. The walls are black and the lighting is almost non-existent (certainly a lot less than the picture with a flash below). I have a 7.1 surround sound system in the room that I like to crank way up while playing and the sound in games is extremely important to me.


All of this was changed while on Twitch. I had to blind myself with an extreme amount of lights for the webcam and I had to lower the volume of my sound system as to not interfere with my mic feed. It simply isn’t the gaming I want to do and isn’t the gaming environment I need.


This all combined with a fairly heavy time commitment that was starting to impact my real life and I was left with no choice but to bow out.

I write this only as something to consider for others interested in Twitch. As I said, loads of people love to do it and are well suited for chatting with an audience while playing. However, if you are like me and need to be absorbed 100% in your game, then this is definitely something to be mindful of before beginning to Twitch.


After stopping with Twitch, suddenly my life was back to a normal routine and I had my choice of games to play. I put Dying Light on hold in case my buddy still wants to play it with me, though that likely won’t happen for a good while as he is keeping up a solo Twitch broadcast. Still, Dying Light wasn’t running well on my Nividia 760 and I’m shopping around for a new 980Ti at the moment, so I’ll at least leave Dying Light until I get a new video card to run it in all its glory.

So, what I ended up starting was Deadpool on the PS3.


And how freaking amazing is this game! I’m so in love with it. I’m not sure why the gameplay was bashed in the reviews; I’m having a hoot with the combat and the presentation of the story is just perfection. Nolan North deserves all the voice acting awards for voicing Deadpool and the writers of the script deserve all those writing-people-award-things.

It is a crying shame Deadpool ended up being delisted when Activision lost the Marvel license. Fine, they can’t make any more Marvel games, but to pull older titles just doesn’t make sense to me and it is a gaming crime in this case. Definitely keep an eye out for a console version in your travels if you think you might enjoy a crass and gory game that can’t make enough crotch jokes for me. I don’t see used copies around here for consoles at all anymore, so they might be slowly drying up.


I also finally found the time last week to hook up my newly acquired Dreamcast VGA cable. I gave my son the task of testing all my games to see which ones were compatible with the VGA cable and which ones were not and sorting them accordingly. I use the term “task” very lightly as my eight year old is always itching to get his hands on Daddy’s ancient gaming tech.


Then he found Seaman, and now he’s obsessed. For those that don’t know, Seaman is a creepy fish tank simulator where the fish eventually start having conversations with you via a mic for the Dreamcast controller. My son is only just started, but the tiny gillmen have already started saying some words in English. He was a little disturbed when one of the gillmen killed another, but the tank is only so big and it is survival of the fittest. I enjoyed Seaman when I played it on release and I look forward to watching my son raising and caring for a Seaman himself.

Seaman also reminds me of how much Leonard Nimoy will be missed in gaming and how great of a voice he had.


So, I’m super excited to get to more Deadpool this weekend and we’ll have to make sure the gillmen receive the proper care and attention. Maybe I can get the kid hooked on Shenmue once he’s had his fill of Seaman, I totally wanted to play that again after watching it when my son was testing it out.

What are you playing this weekend?

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