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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing?

Crappy Week Is At An End

Happy Weekend Tay!

I had a pretty crappy time last week. Of course, amidst all said crap, I hardly had any time for gaming so this will be brief.


It started out terrible right at the beginning of last week when I threw my back out. I wish I could say I hurt it fighting bears or something cooler, but no, I did it lifting bags of pool salt at Costco.

Then Monday my cat, Dax, started behaving strangely by sleeping in weird places. Tuesday he seemed more lethargic and wanted to be by himself. We made a vet appointment for Wednesday and discovered he was suffering from acute kidney failure with no hope of recovery. This meant that my wife and I had the terribly sad task of having to euthanize Dax.

He was a bit of an asshole cat and when he was younger he was the worst trouble-making kitten I’ve ever owned. However, he was especially loving in his past few years and him and I had become great friends. I’ll definitely miss his presence as he would curl up between my legs when I was gaming and loved to swat my keyboard at the most inopportune times; which became almost a game in itself.


Then I had to prepare the house for company that came from the U.S. the day after I spent all night at the vets. I’m so looking forward to a quiet weekend with my family and my games.

My son and I did our daily check-in with Seaman during the week and I managed to hobble through my Dance Central Spotlight workouts for the Tay Run Club which I think actually helped my back more than it hurt it.


Other than that I had an hour with Deadpool very late one night and it was nice to have something to make me laugh and smile.


Thankfully, no company is here this weekend, my mother-in-law (who lives with us) has left for the summer to her cottage, and I have no plans other than relaxing for a few days.

I hope everyone else has a relaxing weekend on tap and is enjoying all the exciting announcements from the E3 build up. I was stoked to see the announcement for the new Afro Samurai game and quite saddened to learn about the lack of splitscreen co-op in Halo 5.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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