The Calm After The E3 Storm

Happy Weekend TAY!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend after the E3 spectacle. I was impressed overall with the event and the games that were announced. If I had to pick just one thing that I’m the most excited for, it would have to be Shadow Warrior 2. I adored the first game and a sequel wasn’t on my radar, so I was caught completely off guard by the announcement.

I absolutely agree with Rathorial that there wasn’t enough buzz about the Shadow Warrior 2 announcement. If you didn’t play the 2013 Shadow Warrior game, you should correct that oversight now.

If you had to pick just one game from E3, not a presentation or piece of hardware, which title most excited you?


I had a hectic week last week with fundraisers at my kid’s school and the never ending parade of repair people trying to fix my pool (and feasting on my wallet). I of course managed to squeeze some gaming in there as well.

My son and I finally had a chance to finish off Halo 4 last week on the Xbox One. I have to say, I was very surprised how much I enjoyed the game and how great of a job 343 did with the beloved franchise. Definitely my favorite storytelling in the series and I found the relationship between Cortana and Master Chief genuinely touching.


The visuals in Halo 4 were top notch and must have been very impressive on the 360 at the time. The level design was good but not as good as what was being done in Halo 3, however, great pacing and the core gameplay made up for any shortcomings. The soundtrack was the only part of the game I really didn’t like, I hope this is addressed in Halo 5. Overall though, a very cool game and it makes me super excited to play Halo 5.


My dilemma now is how I’m going to play Halo 5. I want to play co-op with my son, but the lack of splitscreen multiplayer in Halo 5 means I have to get another Xbox One?! That seems a bit extreme. Maybe I can convince him to play a single player game with us passing off the controller on deaths or something. Though, he won’t like that. He’s eight, and he isn’t at the point of passively watching someone else play. He needs to be part of the action and frankly, so do I.

I also managed to squeeze in a little more Deadpool last week. I’m sure I am nearing the end, and boy did it get really hard all of a sudden. I don’t mind I guess, but it is always tough when you play at a certain pace for almost the entire game and then get to the end game and die over and over on just one level. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll make it through with lots of cussing.


I am thoroughly enjoying Deadpool. It is so wacky, so well written, and just genuinely fun to play. I don’t know anything about the character from the comics as he didn’t appear until after I stopped reading and collecting comic books. He’s a fantastic character though and I feel the need to go read some of the comics in which he appeared. I also want to see the animated Hulk vs Wolverine movie as Nolan North, who voices Deadpool in the game, also voices Deadpool in the movie. Nolan North needs to have a lot more crazy roles, he is simply amazing as Deadpool.


I’ll say it again, it is a crime that Deadpool was pulled when Activision lost the Marvel license. I don’t pretend to understand licenses but it seems to be a terrible shame to have created something so unique as Deadpool, and then have to stop selling it. I don’t understand how this is a timed thing. This doesn’t happen with films. Studios who no longer have a license with certain characters can still continue to sell the movies they previously made with those characters long after the studio’s license has expired. Why is this different with games? It’s not right and not fair.

I’m hoping this weekend my son and I will have a chance to play more Toe Jam and Earl 3 now that Halo 4 is done. Maybe I’ll also find some alone time to be able to polish off Deadpool and move on to something else.

So, what are you playing this weekend?