Happy weekend TAY!

So summer really began here last Thursday as my kid finished off the school year. I’m typing this on Thursday, as I am away Friday and Saturday, but I’ll be sure to reply to any comments on Sunday night.

We are dropping off Xander at my parent’s place for a week or two of awesome Nanny and Grandpa Camp. Hopefully the upcoming childless time for my wife and I will consist of sleeping, video gaming, and doing whatever we want without concern for parental responsibilities.

My son’s unbirthday is also the end of June. He was born just after Christmas, so we always do an unbirthday to allow him to have a birthday party when the weather is nicer and more of his friends are around. This year, since he was leaving right after school ended to stay with the grandparents, we went with a bigger present in lieu of a party. We bought him a New 3DS XL and proceeded to make a fabulous paperweight at the same time.


How do you make a paperweight?

  1. Buy 95% of your games digitally for the 3DS.
  2. Buy a machine from a company that locks digital purchases to a single console.
  3. Buy more of said company’s hardware
  4. Be required to transfer all of your games and account information from the old machine to the new machine.
  5. Voilà! You’ve just made a paperweight.

Nintendo could have made up a lot of ground, for me, in their lackluster E3 showing if they had finally moved into this decade and allowed people to have multiple machines associated with a single user account. I had high hopes that the killing off of Club Nintendo was signalling a change to Nintendo’s account system. Then maybe Nintendo would join everyone else in the industry by allowing people to own multiple versions of their hardware that are functionally useful.


Oh well, I guess we’ll hang on to the paperweight in case something happens to the New 3DS XL, but I really wish Nintendo would get with the times.

Other than the New 3DS setup and my daily Dance Central Spotlight workout to keep my Tay Run Club team breathing, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to play last week.


I did however manage to find a couple of hours to finish off Deadpool. Wow! What an awesome game, I’m genuinely sad it is over.

But boy, did that last level take a lot out of me. Without really spoiling anything, there is a HUGE battle level at the end of the game. I lost count of how many times I had to redo the sections of this massive battle between checkpoints, but I’m sure I had to replay each section well over two dozen times. I haven’t had to do that in a game for a very long time, it was extremely satisfying once I beat it.

(**Spoiler Alert! The video below is the credit sequence from the end of Deadpool. I don’t think it spoils the game at all, but if you don’t want to spoil funny credits...then don’t watch. Nolan North raps! Oh yeah, NSFW either.**)

I’ve gushed about Deadpool in previous weeks, so I won’t do that again here, except to say if you like well written toilet humour and a great brawler with guns; then Deadpool is definitely your game. I liked it so much on PS3 that I’m thinking of trying my luck on Ebay for a PC version. I’m presuming if I have an unclaimed code for Steam that it would still let me have the game, even though it has been delisted?


Since I’m dropping off my son at my parents this weekend, my gaming time will likely be non-existent while we are away. I’m hoping this coming week my wife and I can get out to see Mad Max if it is still playing in theatres around here. I’ll also have to pick something new to play when I am back home, now that Deadpool is finished. Likely I’ll stick to console games until my new video card arrives for the PC, maybe I’ll finally get around to Resistance 2.

So, what are you playing this weekend?