Child-Free: Week 1

Happy Weekend TAY and happy Independence Day to all my U.S. friends to the south of me.

So my kid has been away for a week at my parent’s place. I found out that my son and my father had planned, during their weekly Minecraft game on Xbox Live, that Xander would stay for two weeks instead of one. I was not privy to the scheduling until I dropped him off at my folks, but two weeks with no kid is fine by me. I love my son, but having a short time to not be a parent is also pretty awesome and is extremely rare for us.

My wife and I have been enjoying eating most of our meals out and watching tons of TV and movies. We’ve been loving to binge watch Louie, which wouldn’t be a good idea to do when an eight year old is around. We even managed to get back to playing Dante’s Inferno, something we realized we started last summer when Xander was away for a week for the first time.


Yeah, it took us a year to finish a ten hour game. We often just watch TV after the boy goes to bed. There never seems to be a lot of time to get invested in a game for me and my wife during the school year, but we are going to try to change that when Xander starts school again in the fall.

Dante’s Inferno was awesome though. Sure, it is a God Of War clone, but it is a damn fine clone and is a blast to play. Playing on Hellish (Hard) offered a great challenge without being too frustrating, though there were definitely a couple spots that caused a little rage in me. The final boss was a doozy; I wasn’t sure I was going to beat it. However, much like the rest of the game’s harder spots, once you develop a good strategy then everything falls in to place.


Highly recommended for those who liked God Of War or those who lived on the Microsoft side-of-life and never played God Of War.

We bought the GotY version of Dante’s Inferno which included the 30 minute prequel mission and we’ll likely start (and finish) that this weekend, but it is a shame there wasn’t a true sequel to the game. Visceral Games did a bang up job and it was nice to see EA tackling content that was maybe a little outside their normal comfort zone.


Last week I was also able to start a new solo game since I finished off the super-awesome Deadpool on PS3. Sticking with the PS3 (trying to knock off the backlog), I chose Resistance 2.

Oh dear. I always seem to enjoy even crappy first person shooters, but maybe I have been a little spoiled from all the Halo games my son and I have been playing lately or Resistance 2 is just a mediocre shooter.


I think I’m past halfway through the game (looking at the number of chapters) and it really feels terribly generic. I remember Resistance (1): Fall Of Man being somewhat bland but it really seemed to have more heart than what I’m seeing in Resistance 2.

And can we talk about the fugly visuals? Mainly, it is the colour palate that is just awful. I’m all for non-standard looking first person shooters, but they still have to be pleasing to the eye. It looks like someone couldn’t decide between realistic or cell-shaded visuals and somehow split it down the middle for what ends up as a technicolor monstrosity. Also, the resolution of the scenes vary widely. Character models generally always look great, but some of the low-poly objects and all-too-often low resolution textures really ruin the effect for me. Overall the game is good looking, but there are definitely times when I almost feel like I’m playing a PS2 game (see: Utah Mission).


Up to this point, Resistance 2 is serviceable, but very by the numbers and honestly not a whole lot of fun. I’m a little disappointed since I was kinda psyched to play it, but at least I know Resistance 3 will use my Sharpshooter.

So likely more Dante’s Inferno, movies and TV for my wife and me this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be able to polish off Resistance 2 this weekend and move on to something more exciting.

So what are you playing this (long) weekend?