Keeping Up With The Master Race

Happy Weekend TAY! It looks like a rainy weekend around my neck of the woods, so it will be a nice weekend to stay inside and play games.

Last week ended on a fantastic note for me. My new video card arrived (finally). First though, the bad part.

I originally ordered the video card last weekend from NCIX. These are the same people who I usually shop with and are the people who assembled my last machine with great results.

I ordered the card at 3am on Monday (still the weekend for me); likely not a big rush of video card buying happening at that time. The system accepted my order, told me it might take 1-3 days to process depending on their backlog. So I waited.


And waited. The system had sent me an initial status update confirming my order (and payment) about an hour after hitting that purchase button, but everything was silent from NCIX after that.

Wednesday rolls around (third day after placing the order) and I call NCIX to see what’s up. What was up was that they didn’t have the card in stock and they didn’t know when they would be getting more from the manufacturer. They tried to tell me some cock and bull story that someone grabbed the video card just as I was buying it. This would mean they only had one card and someone else was shopping at 3am for the exact same thing at the exact same moment.


This is terrible customer service. Not only did they not have the stock available that was on the website *and* was confirmed by my order. They also charged my credit card for a purchase they weren’t sending and couldn’t be bothered to contact the customer to let them know what was happening with the order.

Obviously I was pissed. I cancelled my order and received a full refund, but the whole experience left a really bad taste in my mouth for NCIX. Clearly, if you are going to have online, automated ordering, then you need to have proper inventory reporting. Most importantly, if there is a problem with stock, you need to NOT charge the customer or at the very least let the customer know what is going on.


I placed a new order with Newegg (Canada) Wednesday night. Thursday my order was processed and shipped out. Friday I received the card at my house. This is the way online ordering should happen.

So yay for Newegg! My new Nvidia 980Ti arrived safe and sound and it was a breeze to replace my Nvidia 760 with this new beast. The 980Ti is huge in comparison; both in length and width. Also, the thing is rather heavy which concerns me a little, but it seems alright so far. I’ll maybe get a small wooden dowel and paint it black and stick it under the free side of the video card to keep it propped up.


I haven’t had any chance to really play with the new card, though I did boot up Dying Light which ran terribly on my 760. I can now play the game full-out at my max of 60fps with v-sync (on my TV). It is so much better looking now and runs so much smoother. I can’t wait to get back to my PC games.


But before I get back to the glory of PC gaming, I have to finish NeverDead on the 360. I’m really enjoying NeverDead, though I’m only 3 missions in. I don’t actually get the hate the game received. The combat might be a little simple, but the whole package is just loads of fun. It also has incredibly well detailed environments, lots of which can be destroyed. I’ve always liked Rebellions attention to detail and they don’t disappoint with NeverDead.

My son and I also started Halo 3: ODST on Xbox One last week. It is a little confusing for him with the story jumping between characters, but we are having a blast playing it. The splitscreen performance is very good and we have bumped up the difficulty to Heroic from our usual Normal. It is great to watch my son improve so much with his game control and strategic play over time; raising up the difficulty makes it more exciting for both of us.


I also managed to secure my pre-order for Rock Band 4 last week at EB Games Canada. There was previously no information to be had on the bonus songs coming to Canada for pre-orders. There is still no info from Best Buy Canada or Amazon Canada as to the inclusion of the 30 bonus tracks. EB Games however has confirmed on their website as to the inclusion of the bonus tracks in Canada. I was itching to pre-order the “Band-In-A-Box” for Xbox One, but without the confirmation of the bonus tracks I was holding off. I’ll sleep better now that I have a pre-order.

Hopefully I’ll have some time with NeverDead this weekend if my PC can stop taunting me. I imagine there will be more Rock Band 3 sessions with the family this weekend as well.


So what are you playing this weekend?