I’ve Got To Make This Quick, I Need To Go To The Grocery Store

Happy Weekend TAY!

Just a quick note this week. I’ve been swamped all week with real life and I have guests arriving today which I am woefully unprepared for.

I didn’t have a chance to play much at all last week. I did manage to get in a single session of NeverDead, which is progressing well and continues to be loads of fun. I’m starting to think I have a very different idea of fun than most of the critics or the users on Metacritic. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what people didn’t like about the game. Maybe it is a little repetitive, but I can find lots of repetition in any action game. The story is a little hokey and the characters are a little poorly developed, but nothing that really stands out as awful. The gameplay though is great fun and I’m really enjoying NeverDead every time I get back to it.


It’s a head scratcher; I don’t understand the bad reviews NeverDead received. I’d love to hear from anyone else who played the game to see what they thought of it. Maybe I just love things that show me something unique (or maybe I just have bad tastes).

Other than NeverDead and a little Minecraft with my son, the only other thing I played last week was a session of Dying Light with my gaming buddy.


The last time I played Dying Light was during my experimentation with Twitch and Dying Light was the game that drove home the realization that I am not meant to be on camera while playing games. I didn’t enjoy playing my zombie game with all the lights on in my room that were necessary for the camera; it really took away from the atmosphere.

This time around I did play on my buddy’s Twitch feed but with only having my voice in the broadcast, so I was much more comfortable and in the zone.


It was a fair gap in time since we last played Dying Light, but I was surprised how easily we fell back into the game. I know we are still near the beginning of the game, but I’m wondering if we should have selected the hard difficulty setting. Perhaps the difficulty ramps up as we go along, but it seems a little easy so far. Normally I would have started on hard, but hard was added to the game in a patch and I was worried that maybe it was uber-hard. I guess I can see if we can change the difficulty in our current game when we next play.

I’m loving the exploration Dying Light offers. There has been some great strategy involved in how to reach certain locations. The city is extremely well designed and has breath taking detail. I’ve had that tingling sense of vertigo with the heights in this game like I’ve had in no other game. It really is exhilarating.


I’m so glad they included a co-op option for the game, it is a wonderful experience to share with a friend.

So, I don’t know what is on tap for this weekend. My gaming buddy (and family) is the company that I am unprepared for but I’m sure we’ll find something to play. Usually we have a great time with Rock Band and once the kids are in bed the adults have fun with other games. They’ve never played Mario Kart on the WiiU, so I imagine they’ll be lots of that on the menu. My buddy is also bringing along his new laptop, so I hope we’ll have a chance for more Dying Light.


What are you playing this weekend?