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Say Hello To Windows 10 (And It Will Now Say Hi Back)

Happy Weekend TAY

Sorry I am posting this late. I was running up against a BSoD with Windows 10 due to my aging and now unsupported on-board LAN which has no Windows 10 driver. Of course, I decided to quickly try to “fix” the problem when I should have been writing this. 4 hours later and one Windows reset and I seem to be back in action and better than ever.


Last week was all about Windows 10 for me. Aside from my main rig, which just gave me the aforementioned stress, I have two other Windows devices in the house. While the installation to my ancient laptop and our cheap Windows tablet went smoothly, the install and setup to three systems took a good chuck of my free time last week. I did get Minecraft (full PC version) running on the tablet under Windows 10, so my kid was super stoked with the idea of taking Minecraft to school as the tablet is the device he takes with him.

A big shout out needs to go to this fellow. I don’t know what voodoo he practices (or whether or not he works for Creative Labs), but he wrote a driver for Windows 10 for my HDMI soundcard that works perfectly and allows me to have my full range of soundcard features. If you have a Creative X-Fi card (or Azuentech soundcard with X-Fi processors) you want to use for Windows 10 that no longer has driver support, I’d definitely recommend checking out Daniel’s site.

So, with all the Windows stuff last week, it didn’t leave a whole lot of room on my plate for games.


I did play some more NeverDead and I’m almost at the end now, but I’ll be genuinely sad to finish it. I’ve been having a fabulous time with the game and (like I seem to mention every week) feel bad for Rebellion with all the negative press the game received. I’m having fun and that’s all that matters to me, but it would be nice for Rebellion to have been recognized for the unique game they made. I would love to see a sequel, but since it is Konami and didn’t score well, I highly doubt that’s even on the drawing board. Maybe Konami will make me a Tetris clone for my iPhone based on the NeverDead universe.


I also was able to play another session of Dying Light with my buddy last week. What a fantastic game. We dabbled with bumping up the difficulty to hard, but found the zombies were just damage sponges. I like the idea of scarcer supplies on the hard setting and using stealth to avoid the zombies, but I really have a lot of fun with the combat. For someone who likes bloody melee in games, I couldn’t ask for a better game and I really don’t want to avoid the fighting.


Other than NeverDead and Dying Light, the rest of my gaming week was some Minecraft with my kid on Xbox One and showing him the old games I loved with the Rare Replay. I don’t know that he was all that impressed. While those games are still fun, I think the aging game design doesn’t really appeal to him right now. He is having fun with Viva Pinata though, I should have shown him the 360 version that I own a long time ago. I am looking forward to sitting down and playing Rare Replay, hopefully they’ll patch up the performance of the 360 games. I noticed some serious framerate drops in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Perfect Dark Zero. Still, for $30 (Canadian I might add), you can’t deny the fantastic deal for all the amazing games.


Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to finish my Windows 10 setup on my gaming rig (which will weigh on me until it is all done) and get back to my games. I imagine NeverDead will be finished in a few hours and then I’ll be able to move on to Wolfenstein: New Order on PC. I also have to configure Minecraft on my tablet to work with a 360 controller, so my son can enjoy the game in a more portable fashion.

What are you playing this weekend?

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