The Sound Of Silence

Just a quick post as I’ve arrived home late from another night of the “Halloween Haunt” at Canada’s Wonderland and I’m exhausted. The glowing squid hats they were selling look suspiciously familiar.

Last week was a sad gaming week for my family. We packed up our Rock Band 4 “Band In A Box” and returned it to our point of purchase. The vocals in the game are fundamentally broken. We can’t use our speakers as a vocal monitor because of the massive delay between the singer and their voice coming out of the speakers. Harmonix has recognized the issue, but whether or not they can fix it is a matter of debate. The upcoming patch at the end of October doesn’t address the vocal output delay problem and there is no ETA for a fix.


I wish we could just use the new Rock Band 4 instruments on Rock Band 3. I’m quite happy with Rock Band 3 and only really need new instruments as our old instruments have well exceeded their lifespan.

Oh well, hopefully Harmonix will fix the issue and I can buy back into Rock Band 4. Returning the whole thing is likely smarter than sitting on a bunch of useless plastic instruments waiting for a fix that may never come. We were all very sad though, this was *the* release for my family this year and we were all so very excited.


I managed a little Alien: Isolation last week as I slowly and stressfully made my way forward in the game.

The alien itself is the star of the game, though the whole package is simply breathtaking. The seeming randomness of the alien’s search patterns and the way it goes about covering a room seems so organic. I genuinely feel like I am being hunted by something alive in the game.


Also, the line of sight is fantastic. The alien can realistically see you at all times if you have it in view. Once eye contact is made, I’ve almost never lived through the encounter. Even through glass, if it catches the tiniest glimpse of you, it will quickly make its way around a convoluted pathway to where it last saw you. You might have a chance to hide somewhere else while it is coming, but more likely you’ll end up as lunch. This might sound straight forward, but it is amazing how many games fail to reach this level of realism and how so many games have enemies that can’t see you after a fairly short distance away; even if you stand in the open.

Alien: Isolation never ceases to amaze me.


My wife and I polished off another couple of episodes of The Walking Dead: Season 2 last week and we are loving it. Telltale completely understands the interactive TV show. We can’t wait to see what is going to happen next; the writing is just fantastic.

Last week also saw a return to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare with my buddy on his Twitch channel. We had another of his viewers join us and it was a ton of fun. I love the combat system in Chivalry and the level design is exceptionally well constructed for team based PVP. I also relish the complexity of the combat and the fact that it is primarily a melee game (though you can be an archer too). Definitely check it out if you haven’t tried it before; it is quite often on a “free-weekend” on Steam.


I hope to get a chance this weekend for some more of everything I am currently playing . My family is also watching Nolan’s Batman trilogy again as my kid is getting in character to be The Dark Knight for Halloween. I’m looking forward to seeing those films again, it has been a while.

So what are you playing this weekend?