Happy Halloween!

Have a spooky day everyone and eat lots of candy. That’s my goal for today at least! Reese’s Pieces are my old standbys, though the mint AerO Bubbles are to die for.

It is supposed to rain here tonight, I hope that doesn’t happen. My little guy is going out as Batman this year, but he might end up looking like a drowned rat.


I had a scary week with more Alien: Isolation. Have I gone on how much I LOVE this game enough yet? (likely only a few more weeks of gushing until I’m done).

I think the uninformed selection of the nightmare difficulty mode on my first time through it has likely propelled the game into another category of greatness for me. The level of tension and fear the game generates is unparalleled in gaming for me. Every encounter is generally instant death at this difficulty, so combat becomes much more desperate than anything I’ve ever experienced in my years of gaming.


Add to this the insanely detailed environments filled with darkness and the terrifying enemy designs, and you have the best haunted house one could ever hope for. And the sound! Oh lordy yes the sound. No game has ever made such sweet love to my subwoofer and they’ve ripped all the iconic foley right from Scott’s amazing film. In glorious surround sound, this game is likely the best sounding game I’ve ever heard.

I’m so glad people said Alien: Isolation was a long one; I hope I still have tons left of it.


I finished off The Walking Dead: Season 2 with my wife last week. She absolutely loved it and I thought it was great as well, though I think the first game has better pacing and a better overall story. Still, I’d be happy to play another season of that with Clementine. Now my wife and I are going to watch the fifth season of Breaking Bad and hopefully during that time I’ll be able to get Mass Effect all modded up on PC. Then we can finally have a look at what all the fuss was about.

I also managed a little more No Ni Kuni with my son. I’m really not one for JRPGs, but there is no denying the quality of the story and visuals here. This is really my son’s first RPG, so it is fun to watch him react to all the people asking for help and his willingness to undertake his tasks with such seriousness. Little does he know how many people are going to ask for help in video games; I fear I’ve become jaded to their pleas. It is an interesting game so far though, but it is the story that’s carrying it for me right now.


Other than that, the rest of my gaming week was made up of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on my buddy’s Twitch channel. I still kinda suck and I’m not nearly as aggressive as I should be, but man is that game a rush. We are likely going to play Wednesday nights (11pm - 3am EST) for a while if anyone wants to join us. It would be nice to have a whole team of people voice chatting. We are using Google Hangouts to talk if you want to come prepared (though I imagine we can switch the chat system to Steam if there are a lot of people).

I have a terribly busy weekend with Halloween and paperwork, so I likely won’t be playing too much. If I have some time I hope I’ll be able to scare myself some more with Alien: Isolation. Oh, and I’ll probably have to play Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 2 with my son and my wife now that it is out (wow that was quick turn around for Telltale!).


So what are you playing this weekend (besides dress-up)?