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Happy Weekend TAY!

First off, Happy Belated Birthday to Retrohunter96. He turned 18 on Friday and that’s now officially an adult here in Canada and in his home country of Mexico. Good luck getting that driver’s license!


I had a week of migraines and work, so sadly I won’t have much to talk about this weekend.

I also got snagged up on the big Windows 10 (10586) upgrade. All three machines crashed during the update and I had to reset the new laptop’s Windows 10 to get it to install. I have to seemingly do the same thing to my desktop and tablet as the upgrade isn’t happening there either. I imagine some driver or program is screwing up the process. I love Windows 10, but the update process seems a lot more finicky than past versions of Windows. (Edit: Removing the SD-card from the Windows tablet seemed to do the trick for that, but I still had to reset Windows on the desktop to get it to take.)

I was only able to play a small session of Alien: Isolation last week. Unless the game suddenly goes off the rails, it is definitely in my top 10 all-time favourite games and probably has cracked my top 5; joining the ranks of games like System Shock 2 and Condemned.


I’m glad to be done that last terrifying section in Isolation which required far more combat than I was used to in the game. It’s great, I like combat and the game does it well, but I’ve never been so conscious of limited resources in a game. I survived, but I burned through a lot of the ammo I’d been squirreling away. Hopefully that won’t bite me in the ass later.


My only real complaint about the game is the voice acting. The actor’s are alright but the direction seems to be lacking. Obviously I don’t know for sure, but it feels like the actors weren’t given enough idea of their character’s motivations, and more importantly, their desperation. No one seems remotely panicked enough in their delivery. It is a minor quibble since most of the game is played alone and without voice work, but if I had to pick something that doesn’t wow me in Alien: Isolation, that would be it.


I also played my weekly Chivalry game on my buddy’s Twitch channel. It is still very cool and I’m not nearly as adept at it as I could be, but I might be getting the tiniest bit tired of it or just needing a break. It is also a little tiring on the hands and I think I might need a new mouse as I’ve started to finally wear out my G700’s left mouse button. Also, I think having no level tiers after 15 is wearing thin on me. I’m only level 17 but can find myself in battle with level 50 players who can consistently kick my butt. Not that I don’t mind learning on the battlefield, but when the opposite team has several high level players it becomes a little hopeless after a while. They have level 1-15 servers, why they don’t have servers for every 15 level intervals after that is a little odd. I just don’t have the time to practice or the motivation to get that good at the game. It would be nice to play on an equal footing with equally lazy people.


Other than that, my family polished off Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 2. The story is kind of cute and my son loves it. It is rather buggy on Xbox One though and we even had to restart a checkpoint because of a bug. Not that this is out of the norm for Telltale, but with Microsoft’s hand in the project, I expected a little better. Still, we are looking forward to the next episode.

And that’s it for last week. I did buy Portal 2 and Borderlands 2 on Steam’s sale last week for my son so we have stuff to play on PC together. Borderlands 2 is a bit of a blur in my memory. Other than the violence there isn’t really anything disturbing in the game is there? I’m not worried about the gore or language, but I can’t remember if there is torture or weird misogynistic content.


Hopefully I’ll be able to hit some Rock Band 3 this weekend with the family and get a chance to spend a few hours with Alien: Isolation amidst the other work I have piling up from last week.

What are you playing this weekend? Shall I keep a tally of the number of Fallout 4 players?

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