Happy Weekend TAY!

And a happy long weekend to my American friends south of the border. I hope you are all molding your ass-prints into the couch playing video games while full of food.

While we here in Canada had our Thanksgiving over a month ago, we’ve culturally appropriated the Black Friday shopping madness. While I didn’t set foot in a store, I did manage to spend a good chunk of change on Steam and Amazon. I snagged a ton of TV seasons on Blu-Ray via Amazon, so I’m set for TV watching for the next year or so.

I spent the bulk of last week recuperating from my lack of sleep over the past few weeks, which I think I’ve nailed down to cheesies of all things. I bought a pile of Cheetos on a crazy sale and I’d been nibbling 50g of them almost daily. However, last week I didn’t eat any and my insomnia wasn’t acting up, that is until Thursday night. I ate Cheetos Thursday night and woke up after 3 hours of sleep. I wracked my brain about what would have brought on the sleeplessness again and suddenly thought of the cheesies. I realized my current insomnia didn’t begin to surface until I bought the Cheetos and how almost every night of not sleeping corresponded with eating cheesies the day prior. Hardly scientific, but I am lactose intolerant and perhaps the cheesies are causing me enough discomfort to wake me up and keep me from returning to sleep. I’ll avoid eating any more and see if that helps. I’ll be sad if I have to add cheese puffs to the list of things not to eat.


I managed a little gaming last week, most of it being StarCraft when I had the chance.

I’m back in the swing of the game now and kicking all kinds of ass. I forgot once you were able to build siege tanks in the Terran campaign how much easier everything becomes. The game is loads of fun though and holds up very well, though it often sends my TV into a tizzy when I make it go to 640x480. It also is a little less than friendly with alt-tabbing back to my desktop, but that’s a minor complaint for an older game.


Other than StarCraft, I played a little No Ni Kuni with my son and a couple sessions of The Dungeon Of The Endless with my buddy on Twitch last week.

After our last session of the Dungeon of the Endless we were so happy that they patched in a multiplayer save. When we started it up again last week, we were disappointed to discover the inability to recover our previous game. I think an even more recent update might have broken the save file as they added more content. We started a new session and were able to save and recover that one the next night, so all seems good now.


We actually ended up finishing our run and escaped the ship. We played on the “Too Easy” difficulty setting as there is only a choice of Too Easy and Easy difficulty levels. I think you should read those as Hard and Punishing as the game is fairly tough. Of course, being a roguelike, much of the difficulty is in the luck of the draw.

I really enjoyed Dungeon of the Endless. The mix of tower defense and RPG works extremely well and it is a hoot to play with friends. I can’t wait to do another run.


I hope this weekend to get to more StarCraft and finally finish off the Breaking Bad TV series with my wife. I’ve got to get a jump on the TV shows I already own before my load from Amazon arrives.

So, what are you playing (or buying) this weekend? Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is on sale on Steam, a “must buy” in my books if you don’t already have it.