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Happy Weekend TAY!

I’m away this weekend, so I’ll hit the replies when I return.

I didn’t play too much last week since I was prepping for being away. I did manage to finish off the Terran campaign in StarCraft and the last mission was loads of fun. Too bad the AI doesn’t use resources outside of their start area, they would have likely crushed me on the last Terran level if they did.


I thought I’d take a break with another game before moving on in StarCraft. I’m not much for RTS games, even when they are good, so I have to be conscious of not burning out too quickly on them.

I didn’t know what to play though. I’m still on a huge high from Alien: Isolation. It is definitely rare for a game to have such an impact on me. I wanted to play something that wasn’t really on my radar; something I wasn’t hyped to play. Not a game I didn’t want to play, just a game I owned that was lost in the shuffle of my massive Steam library. Something that wouldn’t have some of the shine rubbed off from being unfairly compared to Alien: Isolation.

With all the press recently for Just Cause 3, I thought it would be a good time to try out the first Just Cause as I’ve never played anything in this series.


Wow, that’s a whole lot of old game right there. It isn’t bad and has it’s moments visually, but it feels and looks a little clunky. It is nine years old, but it has a particularly fugly look about it. Part of the problem is the textures, but those character models are all kinds of awful. I’m probably being a little hard though, as almost a decade hasn’t been kind on many games. I’m sure it was somewhat impressive at the time but there isn’t much shine to rub off of it now.


It is alright gameplay so far though, I enjoy having my mission briefs by Richard McGonagle (Sully from Uncharted). I’m definitely not blown away with anything in Just Cause, but entertained enough. I really wish the game had controller support on PC; it makes me almost want to play it on a console just to be able to use a controller. The mouse and keyboard work alright, but I really prefer these types of games with a controller, especially when they have numerous vehicles.


I also started up a new game of Saints Row 4 with my buddy on Twitch last week. We were supposed to play the co-op portion of FarCry 3 instead (which I’ve never played), but that was not cooperating with OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) which is the software my friend uses to broadcast on Twitch.


I loved Saints Row 4, it was an incredible game, so I’m happy to play it again. This time we’ll likely tackle the DLC as well, which we didn’t do the last time we played it. I’m very excited to be playing that for the next few weeks.


I’m away at my buddy’s house for the weekend, so maybe we’ll even get in some more Saints Row 4 and I imagine we’ll look at a ton of other games.

What are you playing this weekend?

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