Reunion Tour

Happy Weekend TAY! I hope everyone is gearing up for a relaxing weekend, if that’s at all possible this time of year.

I had a great week of gaming last week. Tuesday brought extremely welcome news. Harmonix has seemingly fixed the vocal output lag issue with Rock Band 4, so I’m getting the band back together. I did have to download a digital copy of Rock Band 4 for the Xbox One to verify the fix as it seems the patch didn’t solve the issue for everyone. Works great for me though, I can finally sing System Of A Down’s “Spiders” without massive sound delay from the monitors.

I had however returned my previous Rock Band 4 “Band In A Box” since Harmonix lost all of my trust for never fixing and abandoning Dance Central: Spotlight. This terrible customer service on their previous title meant that a fix for Rock Band 4 certainly wasn’t guaranteed. The current fix for Rock Band 4 means I don’t have to swear off Harmonix titles least for now.


I just pulled the trigger on for another “Band In A Box” for Xbox One. This means the whole fiasco will increase my cost by $80. This additional cost is due to having to purchase the digital version of the game first to verify the issue was fixed on my system before buying instrument hardware. Since I can’t purchase drums separately from Mad Catz (though you can get guitars separately), I was left with no other option but to buy the whole package again. It sucks since I don’t need a mic or the game again, but I don’t seem to have any choice if I want to play.


Harmonix also just announced that the importing of the Rock Band 3 on-disc tracks will commence. It is happening now for the PS4 in North America and should be “a few days out” for the Xbox One. This is awesome news on top of the patch.

Rock Band 4 was my most anticipated title of the year and my family was crushed when the game didn’t work for us and we felt it better to return it. I’m glad we can finally get back on stage.


I managed a few sessions of Just Cause (the original) last week on PC. It has grown on me a bit and has become much more fun when I found a controller emulation profile for Pinnacle Game Profiler on PC. Playing with a mouse and keyboard sucks for games that are so heavily focused on vehicles.

Just Cause is alright, but I’ll be glad to be done with it. I’m sure at the time it was a technical marvel. The gameplay just isn’t that great anymore and likely hasn’t aged well since we’ve advanced the open world games so much since Just Cause was released. Still, it isn’t without its moments. I’m having fun at least.


I started Life Is Strange last week with my wife since I haven’t had a chance to mod Mass Effect on PC yet. We are still in the first episode, which I gather is the least impressive, but it seems solid so far. Maybe a little too “Twilight-feeling” at the moment, but it is interesting and well put together.

I’m still getting a little No Ni Kuni in periodically with the boy. Aside from the wonderful visuals, I’m really not feeling this game. I generally don’t like these style of RPGs so I’m not terribly surprised at my reaction. I don’t know that Xander is digging it either, he never asks to play it and only agrees to play it when I suggest it. I guess we’ll stick with it, it would be good for him to play and finish an RPG to know what the commitment for these games is like at the very least. The respawning of enemies in the game is brutal though and is really wearing down my patience.


I had a blast at my gaming buddy’s place last weekend where I discovered I cannot learn how to play Rocksmith while wobbly from the drink (I’ve never played guitar). We did play some more Saints Row 4 at his place and again on Twitch last Wednesday. Even though this is my second time through the game, it is immensely enjoyable. The super slick controls and humour makes for a unique experience indeed.

I think my family will be playing the third episode of Minecraft: Story Mode this weekend and I’ll likely get to more Life Is Strange with my wife. Throw in some Just Cause and that’s likely the bulk of my weekend.


What are you playing this weekend?