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Happy Weekend TAY!

I imagine most of you are busy today or coming down from the weeks of holiday prep. As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I’m always amazed at the weeks of shopping and planning people undergo for a single day. I hope everyone had a wonderful day if you do celebrate and that you were able to get together with family and/or friends.


I had visitors for the Christmas holiday for my mother-in-law (who lives with us) and I’m now in my own preparation mode for visitors coming Sunday to begin the celebration for my son’s 9th birthday. As a result, last week was pretty devoid of gaming as I’ve had to compete with last minute Christmas shoppers while getting things organized for my son’s birthday. What little downtime I did get was spent splayed on the couch streaming episodes of Quantum Leap. While being kind of lame there is something I find endearing and entertaining about the show.

The little I did play this week was just a couple of sessions of Binary Domain. I think I’m almost at the end and the game has been a fantastic ride.


I’m still a little baffled about the generally positive reviews the game received that somehow translated into dismal sales in North America . I wonder if it was a matter of competing releases or bad marketing in North America? Possibly if more emphasis had been made about the pedigree of the creator, Toshihiro Nagoshi, it might have done better. Nogoshi-san is responsible for such legendary games as Daytona USA, F-Zero GX, Super Monkey Ball, and the Yakuza series.


Binary Domain is a fantastic game once you turn off the flaky and unnecessary voice commands. The enemy design and AI are extremely well done and the player controls are fantastic. It feels a bit like Gears of War meets Yakuza. The cutscenes are great and the story has a Bladerunner feel to the world which they pull off fairly well.

Other than possibly being rather short (never a bad thing in my book) I can’t fault the game with any problems and I’m always excited to have a chance to get back to playing it. Binary Domain is currently on the latest Steam sale for under $5 (CDN) and if you have a controller for PC, I totally recommend grabbing it. Binary Domain isn’t going to make anyone’s top 10 for gaming but it will keep you entertained from the moment you start and is a steal at that price.


And that was it for my gaming last week. This week will not have much gaming until New Year’s Eve when I do my bi-yearly all gaming night with my son. He is getting too old now for all-night marathons; too old for me that is. He used to fall asleep by 5am but last time stayed up until 9am and daddy was the one that was fading fast at that point. We’ve got loads planned to play though including our first foray into multiplayer PC gaming with our new laptop and my desktop.


I hope everyone is enjoying the season/holiday/weekend and has found some time to get some gaming in, or at least have plans to game in the upcoming week.

If you do have a chance to play, what are you playing this weekend?

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