Back To The Grind

Happy Weekend TAY!

I have to make this brief since I am SO behind in a bunch of work I need done before Monday and I also just found out that I have guests coming today (Saturday).

I didn’t have a chance for a lot of gaming last week. I was on the bus with Mr. Flu at the beginning of the week but seem to have finally reached my stop.


I did manage to start the Zerg campaign in StarCraft. I had forgotten how much I liked the Zerg, the whole “Creep” mechanic is just awesome. For those who haven’t played StarCraft, Creep is the foundation that the Zerg must build their structures on. This foundation is only expanded by a few buildings. I’m just a few missions in, but I’m having a grand time.

I was surprised early on with almost losing a mission. I had no resources left to harvest and only 5 Mutalisks (I love that Google Docs has Mutalisk in the dictionary) and 3 Hydralisks. Thankfully, I had spent a lot of dough on making my Creep a deadly place to set foot on. This resulted in an hour of drawing enemy units on to my Creep to die by my defences and paltry army. It was very exhilarating and quite touch and go for a while.


I also managed another session of Borderlands with my kid last week. We made some small progress but the great thing is that my son finally seems to have started to enjoy the game. I think once he became familiar with the particulars of his class (he is playing Brick - The Berserker), he could enjoy the game more. After coming off of Halo as his only source for first person shooters, it was bound to be a bit of an adjustment period. I’m enjoying my time with Borderlands as well, though I always initially do with Borderlands. It is the fatigue that sets in later that generally puts me off this series. I’m hoping playing with my son will make it more palatable.


My wife and I finally were able to finish off Episode 2 of Life Is Strange. It was good, but I’m not blown away yet. Some of the conversations are stilted and much of the puzzle work with the choices is rather simple, but the atmosphere is good. Maybe I’m too old to be able to empathize with the whole disaffected youth-thing. :) I imagine I’m just a little over-hyped on it from everyone around here.


I don’t think there is much gaming in my plans for the weekend, though I’d really like to try to get back in the groove of playing Rock Band 4 with the family. We’ve hardly touched it since it finally was patched to be playable for us.

So, what are you playing this weekend?