Gotham Is Safe Again

Happy weekend TAY!

I hope everyone has some great gaming planned for the weekend or that you are continuing to play something you’ve been enjoying. Lots of great stuff to be had on the PSN Flash sale; have a look if you haven’t already.

I spent a good chunk of last week trying to bring my Asus Vivotab 8 back from the dead. It is a dirt cheap Windows tablet that is rather nifty except for last week when it decided to not boot into Windows. I was finally able to successfully install Windows 10 and download the drivers, but it was a big pain compared to a regular PC. It seems to be up and running fine now, but having only one USB port on the tablet is a pain. I am unable to charge the tablet while using USB devices at the same time and I very often ran out of power while reinstalling from the USB thumb drive.


I did however manage to find the time to polish off Batman: Arkham Origins last week.

I know many of you had issues with it but I thought it was fantastic. It was quite possibly the best Batman story I have seen in a game and would likely give some of the movies a run for their money. As TGRIP pointed out to me, it is a great story arc for Batman’s character. They do a great job going from Batman “the lone wolf” to Batman learning to trust Gorden and being able to ask for help.

The writing and acting are really top notch here. I was completely absorbed with the story.


I also loved the gameplay, it was definitely more fun for me than the two previous Arkham games. It ended up being so much fun that when I finished the story I even went back and mopped up all of the remaining side-missions and found the complete set of Enigma Datapacks. This is something I didn’t do with the other Arkham games and something I rarely do with most games. Usually once the story is finished I lose all desire to continue playing.

The one gripe I had with the game was their progress percentages. I finished the game and all the collecting at 42%! I think that’s pretty shoddy. If you consider the storyline of your story based game at less than 40% of your total package, then you are doing something wrong. I don’t really care about progress percentages other than them giving you a general sense of how much you have left in a game. Nothing sucks less than thinking you have a ton of game left only to get stopped short. I’ve had this happen in numerous games and it irks me every time.


Overall though, I loved my time with Batman: Arkham Origins. I would highly recommend it, especially if you avoided it from all the negative press it received.

With Origins done, I wasn’t sure what to play next. Then I received an email from BundleStars about a dirt cheap Mad Max price plus another 5% off. I ended up getting it for $14.24 CDN ($11.24 U.S. for reference). So, I was all set to play that but BundleStars kept saying the payment was pending even though Paypal went through on my end. Seems it didn’t report correctly to BundleStars but they responded to my email within a few hours and corrected the order right away (which was great customer service).


But...I started playing Betrayer while I was waiting.

For those who don’t know, Betrayer was made by some of the team that left Monolith and worked on F.E.A.R., No One Lives Forever, and Shogo. I loved all those games so I was looking forward to finally digging in to Betrayer.


I’ve only just scratched the surface, but the game just oozes atmosphere. So far it feels like Far Cry and Fatal Frame had a baby.

The black and white presentation to the game with just splashes of red is such a wonderful way to create a gamescape. There is so much detail to the world that the effect works so much better than something like Madworld on the Wii. There is an option to play the game in colour that was apparently patched in later. I find it a ghastly idea that someone would want to play this game in colour; it is the black and white that really cements the atmosphere for me.


And the sound...oh the sound. It is so good. Good enough to raise the hairs on my arms. The game takes a minimalist approach to sound but when it is present, it is chilling.

Do You See The Enemy? If He Turns Your Way, He Will Certainly See You.

Betrayer also seems wonderfully tough. With a stealth-style gameplay it is nice to have enemies that see you exactly when you can see them. I can notice a tiny splash of red far in the distance and then suddenly have an enemy running full out at me. It definitely makes things tense and adds a lot of realism to this surreal game.


I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to more of Betrayer. Mad Max will still be there when I am done. (plus the Turok I bought yesterday that is also on sale on Steam right now...and the three other games I bought on the PSN Flash have a problem).

So more Betrayer for me this weekend. Hopefully my wife and I will finally get back to Life Is Strange now that we’ve finished off Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. Maybe some more Rock Band 4 as well.


So, what are you playing this weekend?